LGBTQ/Bullying/PTSD/Catholic Church/Abuse/Recovery 

:heart_pride: Happy Pride w/a side of bullying & venting!

To maintain my well-being of mind, body & spirit, I attend 3 recovery meeting per week. Earlier this week something happened at one of them that has been bugging me.

A group member has his own opinions on gays, which is his own right, but what is NOT his right is to express that in a manner that causes another person hurt, pain and reactivation of traumatic experiences from the past.


LGBTQ/Bullying/PTSD/Catholic Church/Abuse/Recovery 

The latest...

Our 12-Step Recovery Group has been canceled for the next 2 weeks. One leader out sick this week & the 2 leaders will have a private meeting with us the following week (so Joey - it will be Open Share for 2 weeks).

I think I am willing to forgive and let him stay in group IF he is willing to leave his shit at the door like I try to do & is willing to acknowledge what he did and make amends.

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