Just read the term "Christaholic" and I love it. Recovering Christaholic here! 😂

Anyone grow up as a Adventure's in Odyssey fan? Well rest assured, Focus on the Family has confirmed that Mr. Whittaker is not MAGA. Whew, that just saved my childhood! :P

Really hoping to move out of the physical labor industry and into a more life-giving job. Applying at coffee shops and other similar business's. Struggling with the fact that I will most likely take a pay cut but I know the coffee shop environment is what my soul and body need right now. How do you reconcile what you are passionate about with what makes sense financially? How has this played out in your life?

Current favorite song is Monster by dodie. What's yours?

Question: why/how do evangelicals get to outraged about abortion but they so effortlessly ignore every other aspect of being pro-life? (Caring for the poor, the disabled, immigrants, minorities...)

“In some ways there is nothing more difficult than working with religious people!”

-Richard Rohr

Just “experienced” (don’t quite know the right word for it) a Trump rally in Grand Rapids, MI. My wife and I went just to observe what it would be like. We came away with many, many thoughts.

I am just curious how your faith journey has influenced your politics, if at all. I do not support Trump by any means, and disagree with just about everything that he says (read, “tweets”). But how can we reconcile the hate on both sides and what part does faith/religion play into that? Just curious...

Any music suggestions? Anything that doesn’t classify itself as Christian 😂

Hey @vishnu and other artists, I am curious what musical artists you would consider vital to your deconstruction and reconstruction? Whose music inspires you to ask the tough questions and doubt and wonder?

So I love hip-hop/rap. But get annoyed by most quote on quote "Christian hip hop" artists. I currently really enjoy Alex Faith (ironic, right :P). Any other good artists who just make excellent music and don't worry about the Christian label?

Hi friends. My name is RJ. I live in Grand Rapids, MI in a very conservative Christian area. I would call myself a Christian still, but not in the way I grew up or how I see most living around me. Perhaps that makes me a progressive Christian? I'm here to learn from you all and be challenged and grow. Thanks for being here.

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