I’m reading @mike book right now. I just kept laughing because my last experience with church was attending a small group where everyone there felt the need to tell me I needed to STOP listening to Rob Bell’s podcast because he was a heretic and it’s very important to believe people will burn in Hell forever - yet in this book and in my life- he showed light on a path back to the table

@rebekahcrabs @mike I frequently hesitate to tell most of my Christian friends how much I love the and Bell's books because of how he is perceived. I am always glad to hear of others who like him and I love running into him on other podcasts - , , and for example.

@Vaashtii @mike people have STRONG feelings about him. I’ve never felt so much anger as when I listed his podcast as something I was grateful for

@rebekahcrabs @mike they REALLY do. I remember when I first really deconstructing, a trusted friend suggested the Robcast. And I was REALLY hesitant at first because I had always heard that he was a heretic. But then I listened to Love Wins and it just felt so RIGHT.

@Vaashtii @rebekahcrabs @mike same! so bizarre how he was branded as heretical. After I read Love Wins I usually told people... you know CS Lewis thought essentially the same thing and published a book about it, right? And you don't seem to have a problem with him?

@rebekahcrabs I LOVE Rob Bell! The gospel is actually good news? Yes!

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