Alan watt, Greg Boyle, Richard Rohr- who else should I be reading❓

@rebekahcrabs I also love Rachel Held Evans, Peter Rollins, and I am getting ready to start a book by Nadia Bolz Weber.

@Vaashtii I just finished Nadia Bolz Weber’s new book. I’ll have to check out Rollins and Evans

@rebekahcrabs I have her 2nd book I think. But I haven't listened to it yet. I love RHE's books and she is on all the time it seems like.

@levi I guess I’m looking for an introduction to a broader understanding of spirituality and humanism. Or just your favorite book I guess

@rebekahcrabs Ah got it. I don't have too much to recommend in a super broad vein, but I've loved NT Wright, Bart Ehrman, and Thomas Cahill for gaining far more (primarily Jewish) context around Jesus / Christianity in the 1st century.

@levi I’ll Have to look them up. I know nothing about Jewish Context. Thanks

@rebekahcrabs Peter Enns might be interesting to you. I second Rachel Held Evans and Nadia Bolz Weber's memoirs, Pastrix and Accidental Saints.

Amy-Jill Levine - The misunderstood Jew;
Diana Butler-Bass - Grounded; Barbara Brown Taylor - The luminous web

@rebekahcrabs As a therapist, this will be helpful in your practice...

Benner, David G. "Spirituality and the Awakening Self: The Sacred Journey of Transformation" (Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos Press, 2012) ISBN 158743296X


Rob Bell - Delivers some excellent talks. He has a long running podcast, the Robcast, well worth listening too + many books.

Peter Rollins - Philosophy/(Theology, but unconventional) has some good books and a podcast called the fundamentalists. Has also appeared on the liturgists and the Robcast (several times; worth listening to).

Eckhart Tolle - Talks about the ego and being present. Has a great book, the power of now. There's also a series on Oprah's podcast that he co-hosts,

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