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@slross church of the mountaintop and church of the sunrise 🙏🏻

I have to admit, the church of the forest and the ocean has always been my favorite church.

@Leah i’m a social worker who keeps wondering if nursing would be a better fit- but definitely trying to move away from “soul crushing”

@hope @caitlynbrynne I hadn’t heard that. That makes me sad. Has he publicly stated that?

Just a fun little statistic I read: 36% of people check their phone during sex.

Let’s all aspire to be the other 64%

@alastair would that do it? I add about a cup of white sugar for a gallon batch? I think it was pretty mild but I definitely got a slight buzz from it. I also had done a second ferment with strawberries/cherries and let that sit for awhile

marriage, heteronormative bullshit, need to rant - not sure if I need advice or just validation 

@Ricci it’s shitty but also very real. My boyfriend and I have been living together for 6 months and I just do SO much more. I really don’t know if I’ll ever have kids because I know I’ll end up doing most of the work. I’m sorry, I have no answers but you’re not wrong to want better. I think there is something to be said with sticking with a problem vs. shrugging it off

@Natalie I like this thread. I have appreciated the commitment to compassion and gratitude. I have appreciated reverence for their faith. I also have appreciated that when I’ve identified as Christian, I have been embraced even more fully as a sister in faith.

I’m not entirely sure what I did wrong (or maybe right) but pretty sure my last batch of kombucha had more than “trace” amounts of alcohol

@WolfDreamer I read that article. Books really opened my world quite a bit too when I was a teenager

Wow. This is... really good! ---> "My Escape From The Evangelical Cult In Which I Was Raised Began At The Library" via Bustle:

I apparently caught the stomach virus at work and threw up in front of my staff. Like I puked on my shoes and in my hair. Pretty sure I need a new job now.

Where does a mansplainer get his water? 

From a "WELL, actually . . . "

@Emilie I casually keep looking for one but I can’t find one. I also want a enneagram coach 😂

When your a therapist and also super addicted to sugar - you write yourself a treatment plan with warning signs for relapse. We’ll see how this goes

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