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Hi there, I'm Dani! I'm a 28-year-old trans girl recently relocated to NYC after spending a couple years abroad, and an eclectic nerd who does software development for a living. I grew up pretty evangelical in the Midwest but have had a rather anticlimactic slow-motion deconstruction going since high school; coming to terms with my gender over the last four years has been far more dramatic. Though it's all tangled up in a pretty complicated mess at this point...

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This is your friendly reminder that not only did trans men, trans women, and nonbinary people exist and make contributions all the way back to ancient Sumer and recorded civilization -- but we also often had honored roles in temples and had poetry written about us.

Our modern world has forgotten a lot. Let's remember.

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I love this comic I found on r/Christianity. Thought it would be appreciated here.

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The data is astounding and really sad that ~50% of the world population is still mostly ignored in this way 😔

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I am grieving tonight as I hear of yet another young trans person lost to suicide. If you or someone you love is struggling please reach out for help.

Trans life-line US: 877-565-8860

The Trevor Project 1-866-488-7386.or Text START to 678678

National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255

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Is anyone else feeling convicted about their own failures to love properly while reading this? I've only read through chapter 1, but am already struggling to keep going because of this, in particular in relation to my previous marriage. She even says she doesn't blame me for how things happened, because she knows how it flowed out of dysphoria destroying my mental health. But that doesn't erase the hurt. She still deserved much better.

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Just heard the MOST beautiful song today. I think the and people here will appreciate this. ❤

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disability and neurodivergence - a terminology thread, end 

we try to talk about this a lot because like

a lot of people with mental illnesses don't see themselves as Really Disabled. executive dysfunction is a really big way in which this hurts people, because executive dysfunction is incredibly easy to interpret as "laziness"

you're allowed to call yourself disabled. you're allowed to request accessibility. those of us with physical disabilities want you here and listening and talking too

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Trying to work up the nerve to come out to the one sibling I have that I might actually be fine coming out to. rip

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Realizing that one thing I really love about this community is that as much as we all love @mike @vishnu @WilliamMatt22 and @hillarymcbride, the community isn't *about* them. This space doesn't feel like a cult of celebrity, it feels like a bunch of people who care about the same questions and have the same wonderings. Already have had so many great convos on here, without even really talking about the podcast itself. Thankful for the humility of the hosts and this space.

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@vishnu Any chance that any shows are going to be added to the End of The World Tour? Over here in Massachusetts, we are not really feeling the love: nearest show is 12 hours away!

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Important point being brought up by users on other instances: For people on the Liturgists instance 

Remember that if you are not private other instances can see all of your posts. Musings about cws or related issues may be tiring to people who have been here a long time and are not still figuring this out. Maybe use cws and specify questions as only for our instance to help with this issue. Don't assume everyone who sees your post is coming from the same place.

So, I'm now following a couple people on here whose current spiritual life involves paganism and/or witchcraft, which is something that's always had at least some aesthetic appeal to me even in my most conservative Christian days. So, I'm wondering, do you have any resources you'd recommend to someone who's curious to learn more about it beyond the caricatures from their upbringing?

@Debs @sarala

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The feeling of ease that comes from hanging out in person with a close friend is not easy to sell

You know what is easy? Marketing things that fill the hole of friendship’s absence

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I'm really surprised that there apparently isn't a "not made with prison labor" symbol for products, verified by a third-party group similar to the Non-GMO Project or the Vegan Society

When Americans buy products that say "Made in the USA" they expect the money to go into supporting local, well-paying jobs, not fueling private prisons who utilize slave labor. This is the desire regardless of political alignment. People need the ability to make an informed decision

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I can’t overstate how validating it was to open Tootdon and see all the new LGBTQ+ affirming emojis :heart_pride: :trans_heart: :heart_gq:

I don’t have many safe spaces where I can be open about my sexuality, and it’s a relief to be reminded that this is one.

Bi til I die, y’all. :pride_flag:

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I grew up being taught that the verse “Having the faith of a child” meant following blindly, trusting blindly. But have you ever heard a child?

“Why? why? why? But why Mom? But why Dad? How? How? How? Can I? Can I?”

I child is curious. I child doesn’t want dumbed down answers. Even if it doesn’t really understand. A child wants to know. Children doubt the small answers and bug you for more. The faith of a child searches, questions, doubts.

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If anyone here is active on Twitter and wants to help end child labor, the site below allows you to Tweet companies asking them to commit to go child labor free:

Guys, this music video is giving me way too many feelings, and I think a lot of you here will appreciate it. The artist is a trans man, singing a duet with a recording of his own vocals from pre transition.

Excerpt from his description:
"You see, this song and this music video is not about being transgender, it’s about the struggles we ALL face. And I hope that’s what everyone can take away from this, love has broken all of us...but we can create a new."

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One of the many harmful legacies of the male domination over medieval studies has been the way that the achievements of female writers have been downplayed and erased. Contrary to popular belief, women in the middle ages were not universally illiterate, and many extremely valuable texts were authored by women. Julian of Norwich, for example, was not only a brilliant writer but also a proficient theologian.

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listen. the need to intellectualize everything is a patriarchal impulse. deconstructing christians/ex-christians are major perpetrators of this. full disclosure, it makes me fear that my TL on here will be all mansplaining and “flexing” intellectual concepts. Not tryna be hurtful but does anyone else feel this?

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