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(it's pronounced "ryan")

i feel the most like "myself" when i am fully here and now,
when the past and the future do not exist,

when the smell-taste-sound-thought-sight-feeling of something pulls me into the place where time stops and

i just am

examples: hand made food & beverages, desert nights, psychedelic music, cuddles, listening & being heard, woven fabric, the mountains, sunrises & sunsets, feeling connected or one-with-the-all.... stuff humans like i guess

living in socal, cannabis mention 

not sure if earthquakes or if i’m just high? 🤷🏻‍♀️

kitchen envy 

one of my coworkers is house sitting really nice place, so we are all having dinner together.

this my dream kitchen. omg. goals. i’ll probably never have a triple group head la marzocco though 😍 (they used to own a coffee shop and kept the machine when they moved i guess... must. be. nice.)

currently pinching my dogs cheeks while telling him that he’s a dog

he loves it


currently enjoying a salad with pickled golden beets; roasted red and candy striped beets; apricots; hazelnuts; arugula; and goat cheese

god damn

didn’t even know i was so into beets until just now

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for some reason i remembered that the band Chiodos existed so i just listened to the first half of Bone Palace Ballet on my way home from work

this morning at work i am having a lot of really nice human connections. people have seemed more present and less in a rush today. these interactions have been refreshing/energizing and not draining at all. i’m here for it.

overflowing gratitude

did not end up going to an art museum. went to the beach instead. to get there, we had to climb down a cliff. it was challenging and great.

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selfie, ec, alc 

had a lovely evening in san diego last night visiting with some of my siblings. we went to a dreamy cocktail bar with an incredible menu and perfect atmosphere 💕💕

it has been a long time since i’ve been able to get out of town, even for just a night. very grateful and full of happy feels

maybe i will go to an art museum later 🥰

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Outpouring Love is the inherent shape of the universe, and when we love, only then do we fully exist in this universe. We do not need to “understand” what is happening, or who God is, before we can live in love.

Richard Rohr in Eager to Love, p182-183

talking heads lyric:

there is water at the bottom of the ocean 🌊

dropped a small metal tumblr on my ankle and now it is swollen 😂 how do i do these things

my husband just experienced his first earthquake and it was cute

people watching, food + stock market mention 

eating breakfast at this tiny diner (one of two restaurants in the whole town) and the older man at the table next to us is just reading stock numbers off his phone to his wife while she eats her breakfast and does not respond to him.

his oatmeal is getting cold and i am amused.

singing “too many tabs” to the tune of “too many cooks” because my husband has too many tabs open on his computer. literally hundreds.


summer goals: eat my weight in tomatoes

on another note, making pour overs while you have to pee is very not nice

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a gentleman at the coffee shop i work at told me i was doing the lord’s work

lol, i agree, the lord’s work is enjoying a pour over or a well-made cortado

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