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(it's pronounced "ryan")

i feel the most like "myself" when i am fully here and now,
when the past and the future do not exist,

when the smell-taste-sound-thought-sight-feeling of something pulls me into the place where time stops and

i just am

examples: hand made food & beverages, desert nights, psychedelic music, cuddles, listening & being heard, woven fabric, the mountains, sunrises & sunsets, feeling connected or one-with-the-all.... stuff humans like i guess


dogs are dirty 

on another note, making pour overs while you have to pee is very not nice

a gentleman at the coffee shop i work at told me i was doing the lord’s work

lol, i agree, the lord’s work is enjoying a pour over or a well-made cortado

tbh my phone has been on “do not disturb” since friday and i might not ever turn it off?

food + alc mention 

husband fell asleep to me reading Thich Nhat Hanh out loud and listening to Alice Coltrane. adoooorable 🥰

mmmmm sundays are delicious

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yelling about good books 

happy summer solstice


what will you be up to on the longest day of the year???

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Brian Cox:

"What more do you want?

The ingredients in our body were assembled in the hearts of long dead stars over billions of years... and have assembled themselves spontaneously into temporary structures that can think and feel and explore. And those structures will decay away at some point. And in a very far future there will be no structures left. So there we are, we exist in this very little window were we can observe this magnificent universe.

Why do you want any more?"


a lot more noise than usual in the neighborhood tonight. good weather i suppose. it’s making me low key paranoid though. and it’s making my dogs very actively paranoid haha

summer time in the desert usually means i get up earlier, stay up later, and i take an afternoon nap during the hottest part of the day.

on thursdays i work through the late morning, afternoon, and early evening, so i am struggling haha.

so. sleepy. can’t. stop. yawning.

need. nap.

new album rec, maybe tiny ec in a screenshot of the album 🖤 

lovey dovey, fb mention (+) 

finally deleted fb, insta (+) 

omg going through my tumblr, which i started in 2010 but haven't posted on in ages.

tbh i scrubbed the most embarrassing early posts back in the day, haha so now it's mostly pictures, and if you go back far enough 2010-2011 it's a lot of quotes from things i was reading at the time:

thomas merton, richard rohr, fyodor dostoevski, rumi....

aaaaaaand time warp, those are all things i am currently reading....

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i’ve been letting my buzz cut grow out a little because i live in socal and my scalp was getting sunburned haha. but now it’s longer than it has been since the initial buzz cut and it’s always sticking up in weird places.

so i can trim it, and wear a hat for protection or i can leave it, and wear a hat to cover its messiness. haha

either way i need to wear hats more ☀️

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