Who knew the hardest thing about getting my uCISC computer up on the FPGA eval board would be getting a keyboard input. I have the logic, memory and VGA output figured out (yay resister-based DAC)... But the USB spec is more complicated than almost anything else! The evaluation board has a Raspberry Pi GPIO interface, so the easiest thing I could come up with components I have on hand is keyboard -> Pi -> python -> GPIO -> FPGA. Counting down the days until I have a working homebrew computer.

“Gungor Archives” is a good way to end the night.

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The Universal Christ - Richard Rohr 

I’m barely into “The Universal Christ” by Richard Rohr and I’ve had my@mind blown like 5 times already. One time at the level of a reverse panic attack, whatever that is. Had to stop listening and just breathe for a minute.

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I just took my first look at the Federated timeline (I'm new to this as I never had a twitter account). Below is one of the first toots that I saw. I had to laugh. I'm very happy to be part of this "creepy, culty, friendly" liturgists family! I think I'll stick to the local timeline! 😊

"I'm not here to tell anybody how to live their lives, but maybe hide social.theliturgists.com if you don't want a bunch of creepy culty friendly weirdos in your mentions telling you about enneagrams"

“Your religion is not the church you belong to, but the cosmos you love inside of.” - unknown, by way of Richard Rohr

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I spent a very enjoyable Friday night DMing the first session of our new campaign.

Thrust together by a troll attack and an offer of coin, our unlikely band were tasked with investigating a disappearance. Following an evening of sleuthing, sneaking, and some extremely well-thrown darts, they find themselves apparently alone in the warehouse which was the last known location of the man they seek.

Where they go from here is up to them, but I look forward to finding out!

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I searched for the tag and it's like the end of the movie Spartacus. A whole hillside of folk yelling 'I'm Spartacus! ' 'no I'm Spartacus!'
We are legion it seems 😜

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If you haven’t read Rachel Held Evan’s “Searching for Sunday”, it’s currently on sale for 99 cents on Amazon Kindle. It’s a great book!

Reading books or conversing with Christians, I often react negatively to phrases with “God” in them. It is because I am hearing God as a paternal figure separate from me and I dislike it intensely. But then I realized I view a god as a great oneness, the essence, the source not separate. Usually the Christian phrase does not upset me when I replace the god construct in it with the one I have come to understand. I’m not sure what to do with this observation.

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@hillarymcbride @mike @vishnu @WilliamMatt22 thank you for the episodes this last year on body image, Embodiment, manhood and masculinity. This week for the first time ever I got a manicure with my fiance, and I loved it! I wouldn't have been confident enough in my skin or my manhood to have done that before. So thank you for helping me be more comfortable with myself and not listening to the horrible script I've been handed by patriarchy! Much love.

liturgists podcast episode on fear 

The fear episode is excellent. Any words I attempt seem woefully short of what I experienced. I experienced oneness and the illusion of time fell away for a few minutes. Fear is good but I have taught my body to fear things I need not fear.

Such an impactful episode, thank you @vishnu @mike @hillarymcbride and @william

I’m up late because I can’t sleep despite my physical and mental fatigue. Just browsing and reading all the beautiful conversations and wonderfully genuine people on the liturgists Mastadon is nothing short of amazing.

Thank you all for creating such a safe space. I am so grateful.

I am sad, disheartened and down right now. I feel a sense of loss. I have no reason to be that I can think of. However, I have learned that acknowledging my depressive episodes and leaning into and sitting with the pain helps me process and shortens their duration. For some reason I felt the desire to post publicly as a way to stay in the moment would be good, so here I am.

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I'm Shawn and I'm excited to be here. I'm new to the Liturgist and I'm part of the Liturgist Community on Facebook.
I'm married with two children and grew up in the evangelical church. I've never felt good about what was taught. So, I guess I'm in the process of deconstructing.
I broke my back a year ago in a tragic accident. It really sucks but at least I'm not paralyzed and it brought me on the path that I'm on now.

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@vishnu and Lisa thank you so much for oh wow. My soul is full. So good to hear these songs again and for the first time.

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Skatepark Progress update!!!! Tonight I got to really skate the mini ramp and it was awesome. Taking a little break to skate with friends tomorrow.

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Just finished “Trailblazer” by Dorothy Butler Gilliam. This was an excellent book for me to read. The perspective of a African American growing up in the south, coming of age during the civil rights movement and becoming a journalist that helped break through racial barriers is insightful, inspiring and educational for me.

I’m struck by how many of her and other’s stories in the book stem from someone believing they could be good at something. I’m also struck by how insidious racism is.

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