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@mike I've listened to part one twice. I'mma listen to part two here in a bit. I feel like with every listen, Father Rohr's words illuminate another part of my spirit.

@Corina It seriously enhances my chill. Its also funny because I sometimes expect to hear Mike's or Vishnu's voice come in over it.

Listening to On Earth this morning to keep me productive AND sane.

@mike 64 degrees and sunny in Albuquerque! Trees are blossoming and there are rain clouds on the southwestern horizon. Good day.

@Heath @andrewmurray86 Can you imagine the carefree comfort, the color & pattern possibilities... the air circulation?!

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I’m just over here waiting for Jesus style tunics to make a comeback.

@joeld First thing I thought of was anything by Father John Misty, but that can be brutal. There's an album by Murder By Death called "Who Will Survive & What Will Be Left of Them?" and its about the devil tormenting a small town in Mexico. Its not terribly philosophical but the songwriting is great.

@mike Until I started my own podcast & hearing my recorded conversations, I've come to realize how much I say "wow" in a very real way.

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