I spent a very enjoyable Friday night DMing the first session of our new campaign.

Thrust together by a troll attack and an offer of coin, our unlikely band were tasked with investigating a disappearance. Following an evening of sleuthing, sneaking, and some extremely well-thrown darts, they find themselves apparently alone in the warehouse which was the last known location of the man they seek.

Where they go from here is up to them, but I look forward to finding out!

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If any of you nerdy types would be interested in a casual play by post RPG game on Discord using a very narrative driven system called Dungeon World, I'm trying to get one organized here: discord.gg/6HgEsb

It's a very collaborative system so everyone helps create the world and the adventure. The mechanics support the story instead of being the focus, so it's well suited to a more casual style instead of focusing on stuff like turn order etc. So join the sever if you're interested!

Exciting times for . We’ve just finished our first mini campaign, in which our party successfully defeated a necromancer and only one of us was burned to a crisp!

Next up, we’re launching a full campaign (probably Waterdeep: Dragon Heist), and we have space for 2-3 more players. If you want to join the party, or are just interested in or games more generally, let me know and I’ll send you a link to our discord server.

Just had our first online session with . Turns out our characters all spent way too much time reading and not enough time in the gym (who'd have thought) and are therefore terrible at climbing.

Had a great time nevertheless! Thanks especially to @Bazza for staying up ridiculously late in Aus to DM.

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I feel like people saying I hate white people because I confront white supremacy would be like saying I hate urinals because I tell people not to pee on the floor.

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It’s as much a as a but Vapor (the song and the meditation by @vishnu) helped me get through my finals. Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that everything is meaningless!

Hi folks! I'm Sam, I grew up (mostly) in Scotland, now living in London.

I was raised in a Christian home but my parents always encouraged us to think about our faith and ask questions. Even so I've deconstructed most of the theology I grew up with - my crisis of faith hit while studying philosophical theology at uni, which was a rough ride!

I still believe in the power of stories, and hope/plan to write myself. Looking forward to sharing this space with you all!

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