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Why the fuck is Mac and cheese a kids menu item only

@LiveYourValues so hard to pick! But for recent books, Pachinko by Min Jin Lee was the most beautiful book I’ve read in a long time

@renolc hmm, not sure it exactly fits what you’re looking for, but Life of Pi is a great book about searching

@vishnu that’s a powerful image. Idk if others had this experience, but I heard it a lot in my Catholic childhood to explain why the Church was better off when certain (usu non-conservative) ppl left. I can still hear it, “our garden will bear more fruit”, “our branches must be pruned”, ugh

@Ricci I’ve been kind of shocked by how many harassment and discrimination scandals have hit the philosophy field. Those aren’t uncommon in academia, but in philosophy it seems excessive. Pretty ironic given that these are ppl studying how to live 🙄

@whateveryouart “Literally”. Esp when it’s used to mean figuratively 😩

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"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the most fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Anyone who is unacquainted with it and can no longer marvel, no longer be amazed, is as good as dead, his sight gone." - Albert Einstein in a 1932 recording he called "My Credo"

Ableism, discussion of slurs 

@Laura_I completely agree, it’s so ubiquitous most ppl don’t even see it. That’s part of what makes fighting it so hard. That must have been upsetting to hear the class laugh like that, just thinking about it makes me mad

30 days of autism acceptance 

@Laura_I love this. It really strikes me how much a world like you describe would be better for everyone, autistic and otherwise

autism awareness day 

@tmorizot for sure! Autism is a fundamental way of being human, so by definition it’s as old as humanity

@emjric I just finished Brilliant Imperfection by Eli Clare and it was wonderful. It’s more about disability in general, but v applicable to neurodiversity. It’s written by transgender man and has a nice intersectional perspective

@Kaitlyn1994 oh, that sounds so hard and draining. I really hope you have less pain and get to a better place soon

Public speaking 

@Laura_I so glad it went well! For me I usu find 2 or 3 friendly-looking ppl in the audience and switch back and forth between them making eye contact. But I imagine that could be nerve wracking if eye contact doesn’t come v easily to a speaker. It sounds like your method works just as well for making the audience feel engaged

@thecameronhunt love this, I’m so glad it’s been helpful. I’ve been doing a toned down version for a few years, sticking to mostly t-shirt dresses w leggings, cardigan in the winter, and one of 3 pairs of boots/shoes. It’s bit more complicated for women to simplify their wardrobes to this degree than to men. I also have to look office professional, so no jeans. But even this has been very freeing. Would love to hear if others have tried something similar

@Schusfuster this is confusing to me too. Like you, I don’t find the idea of someone suffering similarly to be comforting at all. But I can be v comforted by talking w someone who’s suffered similarly, bc I feel seen & understood in a v particular way. And if I knew there was no one in the world who’d ever be able to see me that way, I’d prob feel sadder. So I wonder if when ppl say that, they really mean “take comfort in knowing there are ppl who may be able to see and understand you in this”?

@Natalie for ongoing things it’s parenting for sure, omg. Specifically special needs parenting, followed closely by “2 under 2” parenting. For finished accomplishments it was medical residency. That was incredibly, incredibly hard, but on the whole I think parenting is harder. But on a happy note, they’re both super rewarding, life-defining kinds of things

@Melissa it’s so hard to fit everything in! I have to be super regimented: every weeknight 25-30 min on the stationary bike immediately after the kids go to bed. Followed immediately by at least some attempt at kitchen cleaning, then and only then me-time. It’s such a routine now I almost find it soothing. Weekend exercise can be more fun, like walking in the park

autism, alexithymia, interoception 

@tmorizot wow, that is so interesting, thanks for sharing this. A volvulus is usually exquisitely painful, so I’m sure you had your medical team totally confused. At age 4 my son broke his arm w/o telling anyone & we only noticed days later after his fingers swelled up from not using his hand. I was beyond horrified feeling like a terrible mom, but now I think it was prob a sensory processing difference

@Natalie I had to think about this a lot when I got married. I didn’t change it, even tho there was a lot of pressure on both me & my husband. I’m so happy I kept it, & that my husband always saw thru the patriarchal bs surrounding this. It made me so confident I was marrying the right person

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