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Let's talk filters!

Mastodon means a lot of things to a lot of people, and while I do believe the Liturgists are an excellent addition to the fediverse, we are a fairly unique bunch in terms of our subject matter.

As you'll discover from either the federated timeline or the posts that get pushed to your home timeline from other instances, Mastodon is full people that "shit-post" (basically act goofy in very internet-like ways), talk about leftist politics, or ramble on tech. 1/

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It is VERY important that you understand something about direct messaging on Mastodon: if you tag another user in a direct message, it will ALLOW THEM TO SEE YOUR DIRECT MESSAGE.

An example of this would be if I direct messaged @MacTheBrazen and said "@mike is really cool!" Even though this is a "direct message" to Mac, both Mac and Mike could see it.

There has been huge pushback on this feature/bug by the Mastodon development community, but for now this is how it works. Be cautious.

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Let's talk privacy!

To change the reach of your posts, click the globe icon below the text box.

Public is exactly what it sounds like. It'll start as being visible to your local timeline (, and can then be boosted to other instances.

Unlisted "sends" it for no one but makes it accessible as long as someone has a link.

Followers only is powerful. It allows only your followers to see it and allows no one to boost it.

Direct sends it directly to one person.

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Regarding the "show more," "cw," and "sensitive content" features:

It's convention on Mastodon to use a "cw" (content warning) for anything someone else may not want to see.

IN PARTICULAR this applies to lewd pictures, nudity, pornography, but the less obvious ones are politics (often abbreviated to "pol"), racism, or niche topics not everyone may want to see.

There is an odd interaction to keep in mind though: if you CW your post, your photo will be marked "sensitive content."

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Mastodon Tutorial 

If you want your notifications column to be less spammy, click this button in the top right. This allows you to determine when, if ever, you want to hear a notification noise, or even get a notification at all.

Don't care if someone starred your post? You can disable it altogether.

Want to get a noise ping only when someone responds to you? Keep it checked under "mentions."

Mastodon isn't just about a more ethical platform. It's about having control of your experience.

Can anyone spare like $25? I was supposed to get paid today, but for some reason they aren’t paying us until (maybe) tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

I need to buy some snacks and drinks for tomorrow’s Christmas celebration that I’m doing with a friends family and I’ve got less than a dollar in my bank account. I’m so mad. Fucking big yikes over here.

I have an extra ticket to the show tonight. Anyone on here interested in it? Also would love to say hi to anyone on here who is going. Mastodon meet up at the venue?

please select all squares with ethically sound statements
please select all squares with ways that a theoretical artificial intelligence could convince you not to worry about its existence
please select all squares with reasons that you could not be replaced by a cheap and performant superintelligent AI

RHE, Death, Grief 

Rachel provided salient insights in a time where many of us (myself included) felt we were losing our minds. She brought light to darkness, and called it like it was, while never losing her gentleness or wit.

I honestly don't know how we can recover from this. Hers was a voice of reason in a world hellbent on spreading madness.

We've been robbed. Her children and husband most of all. I don't understand a God that would allow this to happen.

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RHE, Death, Grief 

Everything I try to say feels reductive and trite. This is the best I've got:

I'm genuinely grieved and heartbroken right now. RHE's work "Searching For Sunday" was a formative part of my deconstruction and reconstruction. She came across as a kind, generous, and hilarious person.

At the risk of putting on the rose-tinted glasses too much, she really was one of the good ones, and the world is darker for her absence.

I’m absolutely heartbroken and heavy with grief at the news of the passing of Rachel Held Evans.

I don’t pray as much now, but I pray for her, her family, friends and above all her husband and children today

Her last published words are all I have now.

“Death is a part of life.

My prayer for you this season is that you make time to celebrate that reality, and to grieve that reality, and that you will know you are not alone.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” - RHE, Ash Wednesday 2019

Remember capitals in hastags for our visually impaired friends.
E.g. if you type text to voice programs may not recognise the words so will spell it out. If you type the two words will be recognised and communicated. It makes it faster for them to read a comment.

Found some people from sharing their artsy stuff, so shameless plug, I have artsy stuff.

I was doing research on my phone and google displayed site on it's own url and logged me into a gmail I do not use in Safari. So I went to Settings and changed my search-engine to DuckDuckGo

#climatechange #theliturgists 

Hi friends, I just watched the 2019 BP Energy Outlook presentation on Columbia's website. If you're someone who likes to go deep, it's fascinating & well done (and 90 minutes).

Here's a couple of amazing takeaways from a global economist employed by BP (yes fossil fuel giant BP):

1. We have all the tech innovation we need now to make enough renewable energy. What we need is intense gov't action & regulation to reduce carbon emissions.


*trying to figure out mastodon*
am I confused because:
a) I actually don’t understand
b) this is the only social media platform that isn’t preying on my need for dopamine and affirmation

So on the liturgists podcast this week @mike mentioned the prisoners dilemma. It reminded me of this brilliant game exploring the evolution of trust. It takes about half an hour to play and I recommend it to everyone.

Have fun!

Reminder for liturgists people 

Don’t take it for granted that everyone you see on your “Home” timeline is from a “Liturgist” background. Like every Mastodon instance, this is a public space. Other liturgists can/do follow, and boost toots from, people on other instances.

Which is good! Just don’t assume everyone you see under “Home” comes from a Christian background or wants to talk about faith stuff.

Taking a lunch break from my homework, and I thought I'd use this time to officially post my first toot. Subject: poetry.

If any of y'all are looking for some poetry to change your goddamn life, look no further than Jericho Brown. He's black, he's gay, and he does not apologize. To quote his poem "Romans 12:1":

"My body, / Dear dying sacrifice, desirous / As I will be, black as I am. //"


Hey folks, remember that it's common courtesy to use CWs for your content ☺! If you think it's possible that someone wouldn't want to see it, use a CW.

Common topics that get CW'd on the fediverse are politics, trauma, explicit material, etc.

If you consistently don't use CWs you might find your view of the fediverse shrink as people mute or block you outright to avoid seeing your content!

Autism, ABA is abuse and autistic conversion therapy 

I've referenced my recognition that so much of what I did as a child flowed from my recognition that other people didn't interact with me as if I was a human being. That's the root of ABA. Lovaas explicitly stated it on record more than once. It's pervasive. I wanted to add this paper to the thread, "On Not Being Human"

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Liturgists instance - blocking/unfollowing 

I already said this today.

I want to say it again. If you need to block or unfollow someone, do it.

I know we've as all talked like this instance is Paradise, and y'all, it ain't. It's HUMAN, especially now that there are so many of us, so you may need to do this.

Men, you should know that I've heard from women & non-binary folks. We are needing to block people. So be aware, & help out. Most of y'all have been amazing & great. Love to y'all ♥️

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