Let's talk privacy!

To change the reach of your posts, click the globe icon below the text box.

Public is exactly what it sounds like. It'll start as being visible to your local timeline (, and can then be boosted to other instances.

Unlisted "sends" it for no one but makes it accessible as long as someone has a link.

Followers only is powerful. It allows only your followers to see it and allows no one to boost it.

Direct sends it directly to one person.

It is VERY important that you understand something about direct messaging on Mastodon: if you tag another user in a direct message, it will ALLOW THEM TO SEE YOUR DIRECT MESSAGE.

An example of this would be if I direct messaged @MacTheBrazen and said "@mike is really cool!" Even though this is a "direct message" to Mac, both Mac and Mike could see it.

There has been huge pushback on this feature/bug by the Mastodon development community, but for now this is how it works. Be cautious.

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@sandrockcstm If I have a long thread of DMs with one person and then tag another account in that DM, will the second account be able to see the entire thread or just the one they're tagged in?

@TMorley I honestly don't know as I've never tested it.

I would operate under the assumption that it opens the whole thing up though, just to be safe.

@sandrockcstm is there a way to do public but not allow people to boost to other instances?

@EmilyDelikat I don't believe so.

Basically what I think you're asking is if there's a way to set it up so that only the "local" (i.e. can see your post, and currently this feature doesn't exist on Mastodon.

The best solution at the moment is to follow as many people on here as you can and get mutual follow-backs, and to "|ock" your account. This will require your approval for all new followers. Then use follower-only on posts you want to restrict boosts to.

@sandrockcstm but unless my post is boosted to other instances, only our instance sees it?

@EmilyDelikat Sort of.

Anyone with a link to the conversation can see a "public" thread even if not boosted. Also it's possible that another post will get "boosted" somewhere else in the thread, which would mean your post in that thread would be seen by anyone that reads the whole thing.

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