Since most people had to go through multiple steps to signup for this instance, I'm wondering how many here also support The Liturgist Patreon.

@zach I'm on patreon and slack. This still confuses me to no end. It's like I'm communicating with the void instead of people...

@Findsilence @zach Sorry it hasn't been a great experience so far! Is there any questions you had in particular? It takes a while to get used to the platform but it's pretty excellent once you get going.

@sandrockcstm @Findsilence @zach speaking for myself: it’s unnerving for me because it has the initial appearance of being a “closed” (or perhaps “unlisted”) community since you sign up at a particular instance, but somehow everything you write is not only accessible outside that community but indeed highly visible or discoverable. It feels like a slack or message board but is actually like Twitter.


@brettdh @Findsilence @zach You may find this write-up I did yesterday helpful:

There are ways to limit the reach of your posts to only the people you want, it just takes a bit to understand the system.

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