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What is your "area of expertise", fellow 5's?! Or what have you been researching lately?


I love them and how they go crazy every morning with singing. Sitting in in-laws yard now with coffee and hearing robins, chickadees, finches.
My favorite way to start the day. (Except for in-laws/not living in my own space part but that is another story for another day and the birds keep me grateful!)

p.s. if I somehow posted something very much like this a few days ago, I’M SORRY. I thought I did but didn’t see it anywhere on my page, but am still new to Mastodon!
Also, this particular pic is the view from my mom’s deck in Northern CA, up off highway 3. Those are the Salmon Mountains, part of the Klamath range.

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I’m interested in the role of nature in people’s spiritual lives. In my church-every-Sunday years, I looked askance at people who said nature was their church. But it’s become the most spiritually filling thing for me. I do a lot of driving back and forth between CA and Utah and it’s been so incredibly green this year from all the rain, and on every drive I feel what I think of as my soul filling in ways that it used to at church. (Okay, except when driving through Barstow on 15.)

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