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What is your "area of expertise", fellow 5's?! Or what have you been researching lately?

@jordanmathis Lately: Hare Krishna racketeering, J*lian Ass*nge, plant-based nutrition, the WWII activities of the cast of Hogan’s Heroes. General expertise, current/ongoing: serial killers, cults, cons, custom van buildouts, the lesser known movies of Bette Davis. lol I love this question.


I love them and how they go crazy every morning with singing. Sitting in in-laws yard now with coffee and hearing robins, chickadees, finches.
My favorite way to start the day. (Except for in-laws/not living in my own space part but that is another story for another day and the birds keep me grateful!)

p.s. if I somehow posted something very much like this a few days ago, I’M SORRY. I thought I did but didn’t see it anywhere on my page, but am still new to Mastodon!
Also, this particular pic is the view from my mom’s deck in Northern CA, up off highway 3. Those are the Salmon Mountains, part of the Klamath range.

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I’m interested in the role of nature in people’s spiritual lives. In my church-every-Sunday years, I looked askance at people who said nature was their church. But it’s become the most spiritually filling thing for me. I do a lot of driving back and forth between CA and Utah and it’s been so incredibly green this year from all the rain, and on every drive I feel what I think of as my soul filling in ways that it used to at church. (Okay, except when driving through Barstow on 15.)

@Er3mos @mike @hillarymcbride ...that said, I do also have and use the Day One app, which I LOVE. The design is aesthetically pleasing to me, offers just the right amount of features, and I can use it across all my iOS & OS devices. And it has nice touches like option of including the weather and location at the time of your entry, and you can add tags for searching, easily add pictures. I think it even has some journaling prompts if you find that helpful and aren’t sure what to write.

@Er3mos @mike @hillarymcbride I’ve been keeping pretty intense journals since my twenties (late forties now!). Usually hardcore journaling during difficult times, then I have very little record of the good stuff. Oops! For me, physical journals are best. There is something to the mind-body stuff of handwriting, it’s uni-tasking + most importantly gives me an excuse to sink deep into my obsession w/ paper & fountain pens. I have to like how everything feels & looks, that’s part of the whole thing

@gabi I am exactly twice your age and I remember 24! Mid-twenties were HARD for me and I only mention that to assure you that if it feels hard, if you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, if it feels like you should have more figured out by now, if it feels like you don’t know what you want... that is okay 😀 I didn’t really feel like I was coming into my own until 30s, then tons more growth now in 40s. (Along with more questions, haha.) But great or hard or both, happy birthday!

@Noah @Ricci yeah, resentment!!! I swallowed anger for so long and didn’t even realize I was doing it, and then I was like... hmm how did I become a bitter resentful middle aged person?? Anger and sadness were not really allowed in my growing up situation or were prayed away ASAP before there was a chance to go, huh, why am I sad? Why am I angry? (Somehow fear was fine, though...) I am still working through the resentments created during the 20-30 years I didn’t let myself feel all my feelings.

@Ricci then it’s like...there might be a boundary I need to set with someone, or a conversation, or an action, or I might let it go, or I might just be like...”I’m really angry!” and enjoy the feeling of letting myself feel it (which is a new thing in my life haha)

@Ricci i have learned to see anger as my brain/body telling me something. Like, something about who I am, what I believe, what matters to me, my needs and wants. Like many of us, I never learned anger was anything but scary or wrong. Now I try to see it as a helpful part of my interior messaging system. As to how to express... that is harder, but starting with a pause and “what is my anger trying to tell me” helps

@Jonpenner I thought about it, then decided to go camping. Let us know how it is!

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