Also, anyone gonna be at the Universal Christ conference in ABQ this weekend?

I had major surgery 7 weeks ago - removal of cysts on my kidney as well as part of the organ itself - and my nervous system has been in a freeze state since then. Playing possum because it didn’t feel safe. My emotions have been quiet, everything’s been quiet.

Today it warmed up to 70 in Colorado - it was like a signal to my system that it’s okay to come out of hiding. I’m excited to be healing but I’m also feeling all the things.

Endlessly fascinated by the nervous system.

Who’s thinking of going to the @mike @vishnu shindig in Boulder? I’d love to meet some of you in person!

Drove by a church yesterday - their sign said, “If humans came from apes, why are there still apes?” And I laughed, and then I got sad.

Hi y’all. Coming in hot with plenty of post-Evangelical baggage / relationship trauma / mental and physical health crises / general existential dread. Currently, I am finding God in the intricacies and abilities of my nervous system. And by God, I mean... well. Who knows.

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