Who’s thinking of going to the @mike @vishnu shindig in Boulder? I’d love to meet some of you in person!

@sarahneubert @mike @vishnu Please do, because I really want them to do something in my neck of the woods!

@sarahneubert @mike @vishnu what what what? There isn’t anything on the liturgists website. What is this event? I’m in Parker which is the opposite of the metro area from boulder but still...

@sarahneubert @mike @vishnu I’m hoping the go well and we get a Midwest leg out of the tour!

@allyncrowe @sarahneubert @mike @vishnu I must have missed something because this sounds different that the End of the World (which was wonderful).

@sarahneubert I will be there! I live in Austin, TX! Currently figuring out my Airbnb and how I’m going to cheaply get from the airport to Boulder!

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