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SO, I'm a pastor--it feels weird to say in this space. and also, I have tattoos, a nose ring, am in an interracial marriage & band, am & consider it part of my job to tear down & in the church. podcast has accompanied me through seminary to present--keeping me honest in my own & focused on constantly moving myself, my music, and God outside of the box💕

Any litugists at The Breath and The Clay Conference this weekend I’m Winston-Salem, NC?

@sarahwright @audreyassad thanks for reminder Sarah, I want to join this. I just got a job! I can Patreon! So many, hard to decide, but Audrey Assad's work has meant so much to me that I don't even have to think about it, yes please can we help more of that happen. ♥️🎵🎹

I need to turn off auto play on my Liturgists RSS feed. I finished Hillary’s amazing Traveling Light meditation in a state of deep relaxation and was immediately jolted by the “in the year 2013” from the most recent Alien and the Robot. 😂😵

@audreyassad I come back to it daily for the intelligent adult conversation. (SAHM here 😁) but while other social media platforms leave me empty, my Liturgist community here fills me and inspires me. 💜

Becoming a patron of @audreyassad yesterday and being able to print off her sheet music today was honestly like opening the best presents ever.

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Sometimes I don’t know how to articulate what I believe. All I know is how I feel it.

Gary Clark Jr. is currently on tour, which will bring him across the U.S. and around the globe.

With career opportunities like these, Clark said he hopes to progress the fight for equality that those before him — such as Martin Luther King Jr. — took up.

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@hettie The group starts on Monday. Discussions will be had under content warnings to allow folks to progress as they wish. Book will run for about a month/4 Weeks. We will pick a new one before the end of the time period

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Hello all! Any fellow agnostics out there?

It is a truly beautiful thing when I become so convinced something is true that I begin to lose the compulsion to argue its merit.

@sarahwright Bienvenida, pastor. Your role, regardless of how weird it feels to admit, is important. Thanks for joining our community.

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