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SO, I'm a pastor--it feels weird to say in this space. and also, I have tattoos, a nose ring, am in an interracial marriage & band, am & consider it part of my job to tear down & in the church. podcast has accompanied me through seminary to present--keeping me honest in my own & focused on constantly moving myself, my music, and God outside of the box💕

acupuncture & trauma 

2nd session of acupuncture and when needles were placed in my right arm it started to feel massively heavy, started to hurt and then I simultaneously got light headed, nauseous and started to blackout. She took the needles out obviously, and immediately asked me if I had had any trauma early in life. HOW DOES MY ARM TELL HER THIS? I mean, yes, yes I did and about during lots of work around that right now, but it was such a mind fuck to have it reflected in my body.

I made a thing 

One of the upsides to working at a woodshop is getting to salvage scraps of wood that are about to be thrown out like this cherry that I turned into a dice tray. Another upside is being able to get little projects like this professionally stained and finished.

@vishnu @mike

Can we re-create the music video for "Shake" at the Ramona Gungor show?


"If you can speak in tongues you can scat." - my friend Bruno

This is an open invitation to knock me over if you catch me trying to climb a pedestal.

Brave and sad feels about right this week. Facing trauma is hard. Hugs to all my friends here doing the hard, brave, sad thing.

Hey all, I'm needing some job ideas for a former creative arts pastor. I've only ever worked at churches, but Im going to fully transition out of that work by the end of the year. I'd love some ideas for companies and/or jobs that match my skill set. Would love to know what others have done. Any help would be appreciated. Skills:

- Musician (Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums)
- Guitar Teacher
- Songwriter
- Writer / Creative
- Video Editor
- Graphic Designer
- Pocast and Youtube Channel Experience

“The river did what she does. Life moved on.”

Favorite chapter of so far, and exactly what I needed to read this morning. @vishnu

my husband/bandmate and I just put out a new song and music video that is very "let's tear down the institutions that aren't caring for the people they claim to."

Would love to get y'alls feedback and reactions since, well, I feel like ya'll get it. ❤️

Video is on Facebook and Insta if you're still on there under WRYT

asking for help should never be something you feel embarrassed or ashamed about

even if you ask every day.

you are allowed to ask for help. you are allowed to need help. you should ask for help when you need it, that is the correct response to distressing times and emotions

anyone who has made you feel badly about doing so deserves a swift kick to the shin

Any litugists at The Breath and The Clay Conference this weekend I’m Winston-Salem, NC?

@sarahwright @audreyassad thanks for reminder Sarah, I want to join this. I just got a job! I can Patreon! So many, hard to decide, but Audrey Assad's work has meant so much to me that I don't even have to think about it, yes please can we help more of that happen. ♥️🎵🎹

I need to turn off auto play on my Liturgists RSS feed. I finished Hillary’s amazing Traveling Light meditation in a state of deep relaxation and was immediately jolted by the “in the year 2013” from the most recent Alien and the Robot. 😂😵

@audreyassad I come back to it daily for the intelligent adult conversation. (SAHM here 😁) but while other social media platforms leave me empty, my Liturgist community here fills me and inspires me. 💜

Becoming a patron of @audreyassad yesterday and being able to print off her sheet music today was honestly like opening the best presents ever.

UMC Conference LGBTQ 

4/3 LOLOL I write too much

For me, as it stands the UMC is NOT open and affirming. That would require full participation in leadership that is equal across the board—marriage and sexual equality included.

LGBTQ loves in the UMC church, I love you and I hope if you’re reading this you don’t read it as me hating on your beloved institution. I just want the church to treat you better. To love you better. And to show you the respect that the church shows cis het pastors. 💗

UMC Conference LGBTQ 

That’s not what Jesus had in mind, IMO.
Don’t even get me started on the ramifications that this has for the actual communion table when you put restrictions like this on those who can and cannot administer the sacrament at said table. There is a trickle down effect and many others are and will continue to be ACTUALLY excluded from this ACTUAL table until this vote is a hard yes.

UMC Conference LGBTQ 

2/3 I’m not super confrontational on Facebook because I don’t think it always matters. So here’s my response because this is a safer space for me and I think I need to say it (for me.)

I mean. Except LGBTQ pastors still can’t have a space at this figurative table if the vote is no. Because when you cannot be married and/or in full sexual relationship with your partner (if you so choose) you’re basically banned to the kids table for the rest of your life....

UMC Conference LGBTQ 

1/3 Someone’s response to me re: me saying that it’s ok to have hope AND ALSO for people to feel devastated this early on at the UMC conference because it is life altering for some people. (Because the original post said early news was devastating and this poster said that word was too strong.)
“point taken. As Rev. Brian Adkins said, no matter what happens LGBTQ + folk are beloved of God and there will always be a place at the table for them. No one can take that away!”

Sometimes I don’t know how to articulate what I believe. All I know is how I feel it.

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