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SO, I'm a pastor--it feels weird to say in this space. and also, I have tattoos, a nose ring, am in an interracial marriage & band, am & consider it part of my job to tear down & in the church. podcast has accompanied me through seminary to present--keeping me honest in my own & focused on constantly moving myself, my music, and God outside of the box💕

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@hettie The group starts on Monday. Discussions will be had under content warnings to allow folks to progress as they wish. Book will run for about a month/4 Weeks. We will pick a new one before the end of the time period

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Hello all! Any fellow agnostics out there?

It is a truly beautiful thing when I become so convinced something is true that I begin to lose the compulsion to argue its merit.

@sarahwright Bienvenida, pastor. Your role, regardless of how weird it feels to admit, is important. Thanks for joining our community.

Hi Liturgists!! Michael just gave me a little turtorial, but I still don’t fully understand this app. But I’m here, hi.

My god is decolonial. My god stands with the oppressed and advocates for the downtrodden. My god sits with the impoverished. My god is a vast and glorious embodiment of love in its most radical forms- intimate with pain and antithetical to hatred.

As a black, Malawian woman who has been a foreigner in all the places I have lived in for the past 8 years, articulating who god is in response to my existence and the particularity of my identity has been necessary for my survival and that of my relationship with the divine.

@sarahwright I was actually going to tag you as a witness when I posted that.. but.. I thought that might be taking it too far. LOL! 😂

Confession: I've never gone to a Gungor show.. Now, knowing that the brand is ending, and this is the farewell tour.. I really feel the need to catch one of these shows. Any other PDX'ers on here and planning to go to the Portland show??

Seriously though, as much as I like the Enneagram discussions and such.. One of the reasons that I also like the Liturgists podcast is the light heartedness that sometimes exists between @mike and @vishnu. I mean, I identify with what they both tend to laugh at.. and usually laugh along with them. Is there anyone else who has gone through deconstruction, but feels a bit like they came out on the other side, a much more light-hearted, (and honest) version of themselves??

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My life is really stressful right now, both personally and professionally. Even with that, I still feel tremendous relief to be off of corporate social media. I didn’t realize how much algorithmic news feeds were driving me to experience anxiety.

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I love every lesbian. I love the nice lesbians i love the cute lesbians I love the grouchy lesbians I love the chaotic lesbians i love the butch lesbians I love the femme lesbians I love the lesbians in between. I love the he/him lesbians and the nonbinary lesbians and the she/her lesbians. I love the power femme lesbians I love the lesbians that are super good at makeup. I love the lesbians with ring of keys tattoos. I love the rural lesbians and the urban lesbians and the lesbians who are tryna escape the burbs. I love the black lesbians and the white lesbians and the latinxs lesbians and the asian lesbians and the mixed lesbians. I love the lesbians who own a lot of makeup but never use it. I love the lesbians online and I love the analogue lesbians. I love the lesbians who are just coming out, I love the lesbians who are in sad relationships with men and who will never come out, I love the lesbians with bed death and the lesbians who think they are the shane of the friend group. I love lesbians who try to do a cateye wing and fail. I love every lesbian in the whole world especially YOU.

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