expanding my library this month to include more and theologians. anyone have recommendations? 📚

for anyone interested in general books that have helped me and some of my friends confront and , here's another book list. following the recommendation of a black colleague, this is one way we can celebrate in a lasting a tangible way -- my list is short, so any personal recommendations here are absolutely welcome as well ❤️ 📚

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@jess_spiars @sarahwright Bell Hooks - Alice Walker - Jacquelyn Grant - Kelly Brown-Douglass - Emilie Townes = just a few I would suggest! 🖤✌🏽❤️

@jess_spiars started an amazon list! I'll update as recommendations are added! ❤️ 📚

@Daryn I love her. I'm not sure where to put her on my lists... My February list I'm trying to keep specific to women and men of color. Just got Shameless though and SUPER excited to read it!

@sarahwright James H Cone has multiple good works out there too! ‘God of the Oppressed’, ‘Black Theology & Power’, ‘A Black Theology of Liberation’, ‘The Cross & the Lynching Tree’.

@sarahwright also, sorry for “blowing up your feed”... I might have an addiction to books & love when peeps ask for suggestions!

@Daryn NEVER apologize for that! I love the recommendations! I have two of those on the list and will add the others! thank you!! 💕

@Daryn Ah! Cone and Bolz-Weber were both instrumental to my deconstruction and reconstruction. "Cross and the Lynching Tree" and "Pastrix" especially

@bopie5 @Daryn I read both of those in the same semester a few years ago. It was a very deconstruction-y time haha. I am considering re-ordering both since both are out on loan and I am not sure that they will make their way back to me 😅

@sarahwright @Daryn I own Cross and the Lynching Tree, but borrowed Pastrix from this AMAZING lesbian pastor who really guided me through the beginning of my deconstruction. Will always think of her when I think of Bolz Weber, and she's really such a sweet figure from that time

@bopie5 I am currently reading The Cross and the Lynching Tree. It is so...helpful and honest and troubling and important. I haven't gotten very far in but I'm captivated.

@JustAnna Truly such an excellent work! Was really saddened by Cone's passing last year--he really changed the territory for me and so many others!


These are some pretty awesome theologians Pamela Lightsey, Ada María Isasi-Díaz, And Meagan More

@JennyBee thank you!!! Lightsey's Our Lives Matter: A Womanist Queer Theology is on my list!! ❤️


We’re using it in my queer theology and gay liberation class. We haven’t started it yet but we’ll have to keep in touch and talk about what we think of it!

@JennyBee absolutely! I'd love to know what else is on your syllabus to start another list as well of queer theology books. I know there will be some overlap, too, like with this one! I haven't been able to find Meagan More, any specific title?


We’re also reading Queer Theology by Tonstad, Homoeroticism in The Biblical World (its old hence the title) by Nissinen.

Meagan More is in the anthology Queering Christianity. The article I read from it that I love is called the Transgendered Christ.

A lot of the older books/papers use language that’s outdated. Just a heads up!

@EJames this has BY FAR been the most recommended to me on another platform. Ordered. ✔️ thank you!


The book Queering Christianity is an anthology that might interest you

@emkem @Daryn @jess_spiars @EJames @JennyBee heads up, thanks to @Jeremy the very first will be starting with bell hook's All About Love 📚 ❤️ if any of y'all are interested in joining!

@bopie5 absolutely open. @Jeremy can help with joining. My guess is to follow hashtag! 💕

@sarahwright @bopie5 Good guess 😄 Grab yourself a copy of All About Love by bell hooks, we going going to start reading next Monday. Aiming for one book per month.

@Jeremy @sarahwright @bopie5 what a great book. Bought the Kindle version last night after a coworker recommended months ago, then comes in as well. So so beautiful and poignant already--just from the intro.

@sarahwright @emkem @Daryn @jess_spiars @EJames @JennyBee @Jeremy can’t wait to read this and hear all the thoughts and ideas around this! What a rad thing to be a part of, can’t wait !!

@sarahwright My two cents: any paper, book, or podcast with Rev. Wil Gafney (Womanist Theologian) and Nyasha Junior (doesn’t identify as a Womanist, but has written on it).


@Dan @mike thank you!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE both and I am especially biased towards Dr Junior since she was one of my seminary professors 😍 ❤️ 🤗

@sarahwright @mike That’s incredible! Dr. Junior is a bad ass. I also would like to expand my horizons. I’ll be following this thread carefully. I’m a process panentheist, so I’m partial to the work of Monica Coleman:

@Dan @mike bad ass for damn sure. I love what I'm reading on Monica Coleman's website. And I will now also be educating myself of process theology. thank you 💕

@sarahwright just finished White Kids, which is really good for parents or anyone involved with kids:

@jason @sarahwright Hey that author is from my University! I really wanted to go to her talk on the book but I had a class during it. I'll have to check out the talk

@sarahwright thanks for that list. There are some on there I didn’t know about. Maybe I will send that onto my (Presbyterian minister) uncle who recently posted on fb that there were more white slaves sold/ oppressed by the Ottoman Empire than black slaves in the US, somehow negating that story or experience. I don’t even know where to begin with that one...

@sarahwright Seems like a good list! A lot of those are already on my reading lists, but I don't have much time to read physical books so I've been looking for them in audio form.

@sarahwright great list thank you. Just finished Standing Your Ground by Kelly Brown Douglas and it is mind blowing.

@sarahwright Just started working thru the “white supremacy and me” workbook by Layla F Saad. Link to the free book here, highly recommend. I love this idea as a way to celebrate, listen and learn during

@leanne_d @sarahwright I *just downloaded it night before last. I’m eager to dig in.

@sarahwright Thank you for sharing. Due to work, I’m a tired-eyed audible addict. Currently listening to Fiery Trial (Eric Foner)
Nearly short circuited my brain by alternately listening to The Souls of Black Folk (W.E.B. Dubois) and Between The World and Me (Ta-Nehisi Coates) over a few weeks.

@sarahwright thank you! haven't known who to ask for recommendations. this 50 year old white female therapist didn't know black face was offensive until this week. 😞 a clear indication I need to educate myself. trying to confront my own during and always.

@sarahwright I’m have a vulnerability hangover over my previous post... 😕

@TTracy oh no! Don’t worry! A CW might be good on that post or ones like it in the future but I SO appreciate your honesty and believe other would as well. I’m so sorry I hadn’t been on here sooner! And I can totally relate to the feeling of a vulnerability hangover. How are you feeling now?

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