expanding my library this month to include more and theologians. anyone have recommendations? 📚


for anyone interested in general books that have helped me and some of my friends confront and , here's another book list. following the recommendation of a black colleague, this is one way we can celebrate in a lasting a tangible way -- my list is short, so any personal recommendations here are absolutely welcome as well ❤️ 📚 a.co/eIb9xb9

@sarahwright just finished White Kids, which is really good for parents or anyone involved with kids: nyupress.org/books/97814798036

@jason @sarahwright Hey that author is from my University! I really wanted to go to her talk on the book but I had a class during it. I'll have to check out the talk

@sarahwright thanks for that list. There are some on there I didn’t know about. Maybe I will send that onto my (Presbyterian minister) uncle who recently posted on fb that there were more white slaves sold/ oppressed by the Ottoman Empire than black slaves in the US, somehow negating that story or experience. I don’t even know where to begin with that one...

@sarahwright Seems like a good list! A lot of those are already on my reading lists, but I don't have much time to read physical books so I've been looking for them in audio form.

@sarahwright great list thank you. Just finished Standing Your Ground by Kelly Brown Douglas and it is mind blowing.

@sarahwright Just started working thru the “white supremacy and me” workbook by Layla F Saad. Link to the free book here, highly recommend. I love this idea as a way to celebrate, listen and learn during

@leanne_d @sarahwright I *just downloaded it night before last. I’m eager to dig in.

@sarahwright Thank you for sharing. Due to work, I’m a tired-eyed audible addict. Currently listening to Fiery Trial (Eric Foner)
Nearly short circuited my brain by alternately listening to The Souls of Black Folk (W.E.B. Dubois) and Between The World and Me (Ta-Nehisi Coates) over a few weeks.

@sarahwright thank you! haven't known who to ask for recommendations. this 50 year old white female therapist didn't know black face was offensive until this week. 😞 a clear indication I need to educate myself. trying to confront my own during and always.

@sarahwright I’m have a vulnerability hangover over my previous post... 😕

@TTracy oh no! Don’t worry! A CW might be good on that post or ones like it in the future but I SO appreciate your honesty and believe other would as well. I’m so sorry I hadn’t been on here sooner! And I can totally relate to the feeling of a vulnerability hangover. How are you feeling now?

@sarahwright thank you for understanding. I’m seeing lots of people using CWs and realizing I need to consider those with each toot. I’m doing better of letting go of any potential judgement over what I wrote, so that’s . Learning to trust this as a safe space, after FB, is difficult.

@TTracy I get that for sure. Sometimes I post and then get a sinking feeling and then have to remind myself that this community is committed to being intrinsically different. I’m still unsure on what requires a CW as well. We’re all learning together 💕

@TTracy @sarahwright been there done that. You are with gracious people here. We are all learning. I look back and cringe at what I thought I knew a year ago. Today I look forward and what I’m doing today that will make me cringe a year from now. At some point we just own that we are learning. Humility too.

@TTracy we’re all totally at different places based on our life experiences. You’re doing the work, being refreshingly honest and that’s what is SO important. Thank you for sharing and for being so real about this. 💗

@sarahwright Stamped from the Beginning is perfect for anyone interested in history. It is so detailed yet accessible. I am slowly working my way through it. There is a lot to process!

@Emilie thank you! Another friend suggested it as well — definitely going on the list! 💗 📚

@sarahwright Thanks for sharing and starting this thread. Adding that more powerful anti-racism resources can be found on the Where Change Started website, and in L. Glenise Pike's book "Becoming Antiracist" wherechangestarted.com/

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