acupuncture & trauma 

2nd session of acupuncture and when needles were placed in my right arm it started to feel massively heavy, started to hurt and then I simultaneously got light headed, nauseous and started to blackout. She took the needles out obviously, and immediately asked me if I had had any trauma early in life. HOW DOES MY ARM TELL HER THIS? I mean, yes, yes I did and about during lots of work around that right now, but it was such a mind fuck to have it reflected in my body.

acupuncture & trauma 

@sarahwright Acupuncture is soo amazing. I get it 2x a week. Every part of your body is linked- mind/body/spirit through the alignment of your chi and other body energies.

I have seen my therapists for 2 years & they work on my firbormyalgia, stress, allergies, anxiety and what ever else. comes my way.

Another example of how of Loving Creator/Higher Power created us as one complete integrated unit.

I can not speak more highly of acupuncture-I would give it another try.

acupuncture & trauma 

@pjhendricks wow! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Absolutely with you on believing that we were created as in integrated unit. It's so beautiful to see and feel how that shows up!

acupuncture & trauma 

@sarahwright I am sorry about your trauma.

The body apparently stores somatic memories, not just the brain. Think about how many miles of nerves you have in your body. They form a network.

I don’t know if it helps, but I had a somatic memory triggered during physical therapy recently. So it doesn’t have to be from something far out like acupuncture. Chinese medicine just seems to understand those mind/body maps better than current western.


acupuncture & trauma 

@sound thank you. and thank you for sharing your experience, it does help me to hear about yours as well. And I am also sorry you had something triggered recently as well. grateful for this community, though!

acupuncture & trauma 

@sarahwright similar. 1st session for me triggered a suppressed sexual assault memory. After many months of therapy I went back and had an incredibly healing experience. Kind of blown away by the power of acupuncture. Thank you for sharing.

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