There is still a lot I have to unlearn and I'm still triggered in certain areas, but for these areas from which I've been liberated, I celebrate.

Anyone else finding freedom in forgetting what we are ~supposed~ to be afraid of?

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I haven't engaged much on here, but I'm diving in with some thoughts. Here I go!

I've been out of the church scene for so long that I have forgotten which subjects aren't "allowed". So when I'm around family or friends that are still holding on to excluding others and fear questioning, I feel so free when I share things that inspire me without fear.

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Y’all NEED to listen to this.
It really spoke to how I grew up Christian in a Spanish household and how it was later on in life that I went to predominately white southern baptist churches.
Prop explains it all so perfectly

My name is Sarah. l've spent all but the last 5yrs of my life in church. I started in high school, but I didn't realize there was a name for what I was going through until 3yrs ago when I started listening to The Liturgists Podcast. I'm grateful to The Liturgists community for being a safe space to wrestle w/ doubt & uncertainty. I'm here to practice being more open & honest about myself - with myself & with others - as well as listen to & learn from others.

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