After about a year of deconstructing, I'm finally at a place where I can have conversations with Evangelicals about faith without becoming frustrated/hurt/angry. It truly is a gift to be able to share in spirituality with those who may see you as lost. Where did the notion that being lost is bad come from anyway?

About to start being an adult.. full time job as a Data Analyst in a week. Anyone got any advice/guidance before I sell my soul?

What are some good resources you guys use for keeping up with current events?

This Andy Ngo thing is throwing me for a loop. I don't agree with pretty much anything he writes, but that doesn't mean I'm not empathetic to his assault. How have y'all digested it?

I had a thought yesterday - part of the All that is you is the desire to be better. It's the acknowledgement of all facets of your personality AND the wish to grow into someone who can be an even more positive presence in the lives of others.

another day, another hard conversation with the folks about homosexuality. How do I make progress in these conversations? How do you challenge a belief that in their minds is 100% justified and actually helps people (saves them from living in sin) instead of hurting them?

I don't have experience writing poetry, but I have been trying to get into it recently. There's been this one idea circling in my head for a while now, but I can't seem to capture what format I want it to be in and what style I want to use. Anyone have any tips for a beginner?

So much I want to do and so little time... is this what growing up feels like??

Morning thought: there's a possibility that exclusive, evangelical Christianity was once the only way to Heaven. But God changed his mind at some point, and opened the doors to Heaven for all. And then changed his mind again and now heaven does not exist.

This thought does not really matter, but recognizing the possibility allows me to loosen my tight grip on what I "know" to be true and open my mind to those who view the world differently.

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Think of it this way, everyone you meet or hear of is actually you, replaying the game with different settings and starting conditions

Forever toeing the line between standing up for the oppressed who have no presence in a conversation and being the guy that comes across as "attacking" when those friends are just "joking" around. Anyone else have this experience? Any advice or guidance?

Anyone in the liturgist gaming discord that could send me an invite??

@mike I know you spoke of this on the Patron feed a while ago - did y'all ever create a discord for The Liturgist gamers?

Without offending him or coming off as condescending, how do I provide an alternate perspective that will challenge his current one? Preferably without being met with the disregard?

I found the conversation extremely aggravating, as nothing I said was being listened to.

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Looking for perspective - How do you interact with those who believe they have all the answers? I was in conversation yesterday surrounding the ability to work your way up in the U.S. and how sometimes, due to circumstance (race, gender, sexuality, economic status, etc.), it doesn't matter how hard you try, success might be impossible. However, these points were met with disregard as my friend's personal perspective/experience "proved" it to be wrong.

Today is a great day! Here's to a healthy week full of meditation, reflection, proactivity, and meaningless wandering.

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