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I'm Shawn and I'm excited to be here. I'm new to the Liturgist and I'm part of the Liturgist Community on Facebook.
I'm married with two children and grew up in the evangelical church. I've never felt good about what was taught. So, I guess I'm in the process of deconstructing.
I broke my back a year ago in a tragic accident. It really sucks but at least I'm not paralyzed and it brought me on the path that I'm on now.

Prayer for Rachel Held Evans 

My pastor just said "and they heard the whisperers.". Made me LOL in my head because my first thought was, is he referencing The Walking Dead on palm Sunday? Then I realized that I'm not really paying attention.
I'm not trying to be smug. Just thought it was funny but TWD's season is over and I can't wait for GoT tonight.

@drew @Birdie
Now my 9 year old is in on it. Thanks for helping me get them to bed in record time 😉

@drew @Birdie my kids just watched the Whiskey Sour video (yes I'm a bad parent) and they loved the sped up clips. Now my five year old is running around getting ready for bed like he's stuck in fast forward.

Panic At The Disco 

Richard Rohr & The Flow 

Richard Rohr & The Flow 

The Universal Christ Chapter 1 

Words of action speak more truth than words alone and will reveal the lies of the spoken word.

@drew @Birdie Thanks for another great episode. Keep them coming!
I think it's difficult for me to answer how to handle unwanted parenting advice because I haven't received it like my wife has. My wife says that she just tunes it out.

Today I missed church because I've been sick this weekend. Today's sermon was on Jehovah-Rapha (God our healer). Just seems ironic.

I just got tickets to see Rob Bell on his Introduction to Joy tour! I just have to wait until June.

@mike I need to state that I genuinely enjoyed the Buddhist series. I don't see part 3 in the Patreon podcast feed. Should I look elsewhere? I'm on Pocketcast for Android.

More Richard Rohr 

LGBTQ Films / Documentaries 

@JennyBee praying for you and everyone involved in the UMC General Conference today. Thank you for your updates.

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