Man. I first stumbled upon The Liturgists a few months ago. I loved every episode with Rachel Held Evans, and found out that she used to live in my city. I thought for certain that our paths would cross one day, and I could tell her how much her books meant to me.

As @mike explains in Christian Celebrity, I've probably mistaken this para-social relationship as a personal one. If I can feel such pain, I can only imagine her family's. A brightness has left our world.

@silas @mike I feel that too. I believe so many of us feel that way about RHE because she IS so open and vulnerable and funny and passionate and didn’t hide the fact that like all humans she is utterly wonderfully flawed....If what we have had is indeed a para-social relationship, it has been one that her heart for all of us made personal. I hear it in her voice and see it in her words. I like to think she wanted it that way.

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