I'm getting married in Dragon Quest V, and it's so Liturgical.

"Will [you love and cherish her], in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall be resurrected from death in the church?"

@silas I replayed that recently. And laughed out loud at that line.


@Magicalmilly Dragon Quest games always have great dialogue. :D Have you played DQX? The priests in the churches all have the dialect of the city they're in.

Also, did you marry Bianca, Nera, or Deborah? :P

@silas I've played all but 11 so far!

The translation team for the DQ games should honestly be the goal and standard for all games. They get it RIGHT.

And This time I married Deborah. I wanted the extra strength.

@Magicalmilly Sadly, I've only played VII, X, and now V for the first time :< Oddly enough, 5/7/10 are also the only Final Fantasies I've played.

And for real! They're such lengthy, text-heavy games and they don't cut any corners whatsoever.

Another random question: Did you ever play The World Ends With You? It was my favorite DS game back in the day; I played it in late middle school and it was a life-changing.

@silas it's so good! I'm actually playing it for the first time now......

also, play 8!

7 and 8 are my fave dq games.

@silas also... if you're playing the 3ds version of the 7... they actually CUT a lot of stuff out.

Like... 10 hours of things to do in the game.

It makes sense, it streamlined it.

but... I was a little sad.

@Magicalmilly D'oh! After looking it up, I just realized it was DQVIII on the PS2 that I played, not 7. Dx Thank you for the warning, however, as I very well am going through all of the DS/3DS games.

@silas You probably won't miss it, if it's your first time playing.

I only did because I played the game a cosmic amount as a kid.

But, like, the game is still 140 hours without sidequests, it's fine.

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