I had some time before the open mic started this evening. A fellow poet commented on how they wished nature wouldn't be put on a pedestal in poetry, but instead follow the satirical-yet-almost-literal footsteps of Pablo Neruda's poems (and they sound great in English as well, so check out his Ode to a Tomato to get what I mean)

It's nothing close to any of Neruda's works of art, but I think it does a good job of expressing my fellow poet's frustration.

Made this for my pops today.

"Find a friend and stay close, and with a melting heart tell them whatever you're most ashamed of- Our parents have made so many mistakes, but may we forgive them and forgive ourselves." - Aaron Weiss

I found two lines I wrote ages ago and turned it into two stanzas. It still holds true to this day, though I can only see them once or twice a year now.
I'm not too good with faces,
But I've faced you for so long.
I know when your hair changes
And how much makeup you've got on.

When we're under too much pressure,
We protect each other from harm
For our bond will never sever
As we weather each other's storm.

Prompt: You're Stan, in charge of Heck. 

Curséd are the souls
Of those who skip in line.

Curséd if you borrow my pencil
And refuse to return what's mine.

Doomed are the devils
Who dare to turn without a signal.

Doomed if you start a fire
And leave the embers to all kindle.

Lost are all the bullies
Who hurt kids who have no place.

Lost if you don't tell the truth
Simply to save one's face.

Shame for the citizens
Who shout a foul word.

Shame if you let your cats
Eat all of nature's birds.

Man. I first stumbled upon The Liturgists a few months ago. I loved every episode with Rachel Held Evans, and found out that she used to live in my city. I thought for certain that our paths would cross one day, and I could tell her how much her books meant to me.

As @mike explains in Christian Celebrity, I've probably mistaken this para-social relationship as a personal one. If I can feel such pain, I can only imagine her family's. A brightness has left our world.

I finally finished reading The Bhagavad Gita. I highly recommend Easwaran's translation; he does an amazing job at explaining all of the Hindu terms and philosophical ideas that would otherwise be lost on us.

Next up, Dhammapada!

I was listening to @vishnu 's song "Us For Them" a few days ago, and the lyrics struck a chord with me. So I wrote this as I mulled it over:

You declared,

"It's either

But lines

When it's

I Already
The question.

It does my heart good to see a password field that can fit an MD5 hash.

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