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The Fediverse fails in many regards when it comes to trust. It's great for perpetuating data. But everything is in plaintext, open to be distorted & stolen. And there's no authoritative ledger of what's been posted, open for data loss.

But I think its main goal of interoperability is worth the trade-offs.

@riayngrey glad you like em! They're who I listen to when I want to put myself in an inquisitive/introspective headspace.

"Tell me when the end is nigh;
I'll sober up and come down in time."

- Zac Little off of his song "Pillar of Na"

@riayngrey not to hijack the thread, but @JosiahRA , I think you'd love them as well

@riayngrey hey!! I've been meaning to ask if you've ever listened to Saintseneca. And if you haven't, then I was going to implore you to do thusly. :D

This should convince you

The lyricist grew up in the church, and reads physics books for fun, and so his lyrics are essentially about him wrestling with it all.

@Megra3 This might be a little pricey, but the Spyscape museum is pretty sweet. As a student of cryptology, I found it did an amazing job of introducing the concepts of cryptography, hacking, surveillance, their roots in warfare, etc cetera.

momath.org/ The national museum of math also has a ton of really cool interactive exhibits.

Follow this up with @danielmrose 's suggestion, and _only_ talk about hacking and the KGB, and you're in for a good time.

depressing poem about a faltering faith 


If you don't mind, please keep your love away.
For my heart breaks from this public display.
You see, mine believes its love is lacking
So yours reminds mine of its walls cracking.

But if you do mind, that is just as well;
An out-of-reach heaven prepares you for hell
Where you're better off carving your disdain
Until there's only joy for another's gain.

depressing poem about a faltering faith 

depressing poem about a faltering faith 

depressing poem about a faltering faith 

@thewestislandsystem Yeah, Demon Slayer is beautiful! And it's a nice break from whiny MC's whom have been prevalent in recent shounens.

I've never heard of GeGeGe no Kitaro. I looked it up, and it seems to be a really classic anime with modern remakes. I'm definitely gonna check it out :D

@thewestislandsystem I am relieved! I completely forgot that the light novel is an option.

Demon Slayer and Attack On Titan are the only other shows I've been keeping up with. What about you?

If there isn't another season of The Rising of the Shield Hero, I will be getting my own rage shield on.

So my town basically has only one ISP. And everything is down for a scheduled maintenance. That's understandable, but it proves how badly we'll need a decentralized internet.

Like, our ISP is pretty amazing and affordable. People can technically also choose Comcast/Xfinity, but there's absolutely no reason to, as their service pales in comparison.

And so for an hour, pretty much all services have grinded to a halt as they sit and wait for our centralized service to boot back up.

@RobertFrancis Thanks! I'm glad I could be the one to introduce you to mewithoutYou. Weiss's lyrical prowess is legendary.

@Magicalmilly D'oh! After looking it up, I just realized it was DQVIII on the PS2 that I played, not 7. Dx Thank you for the warning, however, as I very well am going through all of the DS/3DS games.

This one was heavily inspired by mewithoutYou's Torches Together.
Men are meant to move
Lest we wither and rot away
As we wade out in the ocean
In need of a crescent wave.

If you refuse to be moved,
You will sink like a stone.
But if you catch a wave,
You'll see you're not alone.

For we are all mostly water,
Each cell gasping for fresh air.
So why not splash into a wave?
We are waiting for you there.

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