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christianity & forgiveness 

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(A creative space for those in deconstruction.)

A Glorious Undoing is a space for healing, belonging, and creativity. The purpose of this work is to inspire and enliven those experiencing some form of deconstruction — that they might know they are not alone, and in that knowing, experience the profound glory of their undoing.

Love poem 

My main reason for purchasing CD's is because it's usually the only way I can get music in a higher quality than Amazon/iTune's 256kbs.

I also think it would benefit society to stop using shuffle and making playlists, and instead listen to these beautiful artist-curated playlists called "albums."

friendships / swearing 

Scary sleep paralysis 

Scary sleep paralysis 

My goals for today:
- Write up my first ever resumé
- Start the App Store process for Pr1vy
- Don't drink too much coffee
- Don't think too many existential thoughts

Prompt: You're Stan, in charge of Heck. 

Great song about clinical depression 

Man. I first stumbled upon The Liturgists a few months ago. I loved every episode with Rachel Held Evans, and found out that she used to live in my city. I thought for certain that our paths would cross one day, and I could tell her how much her books meant to me.

As @mike explains in Christian Celebrity, I've probably mistaken this para-social relationship as a personal one. If I can feel such pain, I can only imagine her family's. A brightness has left our world.

I'm not sure if I just hit the lowest point in my life, or the highest point. To forego an expensive rideshare this morning, I'm walking to a Taco Bell a few miles (90 minutes) away to cross back into my state line, to afterwards catch the nearest bus.

Like, that Taco Bell is _the_ major factor in this decision.

"Being still with yourself can give access to all sorts of ideas and musings that wouldn’t otherwise occur. So perhaps in our quest to end boredom our creativity is being stunted, and we’re actually becoming more boring."

- Susan J. Matt, co-author of "Bored, Lonely, Angry, Stupid" in her interview with Vox.

I visited a bookstore with a friend last week, and she handed me Alan Paton's "Cry, the Beloved Country."

And I am now in tears. It is so carefully and elegantly written. Each page overflows with the respect and compassion we all so desperately long for and require, whether we know it or not.

For those who practice meditation, what do you say to those whom are afraid/skeptical of "clearing their mind?"

I had a short conversation with someone on the subway about it, and they mentioned such skepticism.

My only rebuttal is the conclusive evidence of its health benefits.

I know there are other types of meditation whereby you purposefully think/visualize stuff, but I personally only adhere to clearing the mind while feeling the sensations of the breath.

I had my bank account drained with fraudulent charges two days before the end of my NYC vacation. (it's all been resolved now, before you also needlessly worry)

I suppose I'm not as Stoic/Buddhist as I thought. Cold words and cold weather began to cut in so much deeper.


Fear of the unforeseen arose,
Which I thought I vanquished long ago.
Alas, I found my faith in illusion:
A financial foundation to cope with confusion.

Needed a break from Christianese, so I wrote a poem about a small aspect of city life 

Recent post from @vishnu & @mike re. Rachel Held Evans - continue to lift her up in prayer, if you are able:

a Good Friday poem 

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