Probably one of the biggest unacknowledged impacts of capitalism on our life is the artificial scarcity of time.

Without capitalism, we could all work less. We could rest more. We could let selfcare, play and creation come intuitively. A lot of things don’t need to be scheduled.
We could just let time happen without any obligation to make a particular use of it.


@queeranarchism I do think an idea of limited time has its benefits though. Left to my own devices, if I have nothing I need to do, and not a single deadline, my life becomes a mess. I sleep more than half the day, don't eat enough, play too much games, watch a lot of TV, etc. My general mood deteoriates and I get very demotivated. That said, if I have too many deadlines and time seems to be dwindling, the same occurs 🤔🤔🤷‍♂️


Without capitalism there would still be some deadlines. Getting dinner done by the time people are hungry, harvesting food before winter, getting medication produced before supplies run out, etc. You could choose tasks with deadlines depending on what suits you.

But we would all work far less hours and wouldn't have to prioritize getting enough sleep and self-care to maintain a 40 hour workweek, most tasks wouldn't need a scheduled 9-to-5. So we'd have far more time to just do whatever

Plus, a lot of the current mess in our life is the result of obligation and a lack of agency.

Most of us love something like cooking, fixing things, even cleaning. But as a job it becomes a chore.

Without capitalism, much of our mindset would change from 'are my assigned tasks done?' to 'can I contribute to some fun things that need doing today?'.

We might do some agreed upon tasks to meet necessary deadlines, but a lot of work would be spontaneously helping each other out.

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