Enneagram 4s out there who create—how do you detach your identity from your creation enough to risk receiving negative feedback on your work?


@Tori overdeveloped 4 wing here,
& I don’t know how to detach from it - it’s an expression of me/my thoughts/feelings, & criticism of that feels personal. it comes with the territory, & to get that kind of feedback, you have to put yourself out there anyway. I think it’s okay if the feedback hurts, but it’s not okay if the feedback makes you want to be less authentic in your art. Like, having a solid & unwavering identity in the first place is more important than protecting your sensitivity.

@skerz yeah I relate to this. You’re right, if I have a solid identity then putting out art and getting negative feedback would not be fatal

@Tori definitely can still hurt....and probably will....but I like that language. it will not be fatal

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