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I've been lurking and commenting here and there for about a week, but I figure I will finally introduce myself. Very new to - only found the podcast a couple weeks ago. Husband and father of three kids and one Havanese (pictured). From northern Virginia, although I lived in the LA area most of my life (born and raised). Lazy mystic, lover of stories of grace, and in the process of finally stepping outside of evangelicalism rather than just stewing in my otherness there.

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Happy Reformation Day! Thank God for holy trouble makers who won't shut up when they see something wrong with the system and who speak truth to power because here they stand; they can do no other, so help them God. For Martin Luther and Martin Luther King, Jr and Dorothy Day and Daniel Berrigan and Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Liz Theoharis and William Barber and Jonathan Daniels and Simone Campbell and Gary Lamb and Jeffrey Newman and all those who don't get their names in the paper. <3

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A rant about Church goers and pastors... (-) 

I lead Missional Communities. This is a way of being church that is different from the norm. We exist within the context of the neighborhoods that we live in. No buildings. Little to no programming. Simply an emphasis on being the Church in our community.

As I talk with Christians who attend attractional/institutional churches they are always talking about how inauthentic it feels. They talk about about how they need a change.

Merton’s unmasks the 😈 

Chapter 13 of New Seeds of Contemplation feels really prophetic. Merton could just as easily be speaking about today’s mainstream evangelicalism as about “the devil,” and he ends the chapter by saying this twisted theology leads to “us vs themism” and ultimately the adoption of Totalitarian ideology.

So, given that everything that has ever existed in the universe at one time was contained in a single point, can we not say that physics itself testifies to the fact that everything in the universe is literally one? How can we insist on our separateness given this reality?

Evangelical Self-Reflection? 

I’m curious to see where Mark Galli goes with this. I’m assuming, given that it’s in Christianity Today, that it will ultimately completely miss the reason people are leaving evangelicalism in droves. But it’s a good start, and he quotes my unofficial Patron Saint, the late Internet Monk, Michael Spencer. Curious to see what people think about this.

@Lisagungor @vishnu My heart is full after tonight’s show as well! Thank you so much for your art, for your humor, and most of all for your vulnerability. You are both truly beautiful human beings.

More Merton 

From New Seeds of Contemplation. This really resonated for me. Why have Christians not taught this? That when we destroy each other (or I would add the planet as well), we are really dismembering Christ? How can a Christian believe in the concept of the Body of Christ while still doing violence to other members of the body? The church can’t even get this right among its own members, but Christ calls us to love, not hate, all of creation.

US Politics - Democratic field 

After watching Biden’s fantastic campaign launch video, I just want to say that the Democrats have the most impressive field of candidates in my lifetime, and if we as a country re-elect the current regime we will get exactly what we deserve. I understand that not everyone will love whoever comes out of the process, but any one of them will do the urgent job of stopping the train from going over the cliff.

Learn from a tree today. A tree does not have a false self which seeks to become something that it is not. It simply exists in its treeness, letting itself be swayed by the wind, basking in the sunlight. We have been given this gift of consciousness, but instead of using it to be our true selves, in unity with God, people, and all of creation, we seek to be anything other than what we were created to be. And it makes us miserable.

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US Politics 

Sarah Kenzior, Andrea Chalupa, Malcolm Nance, and many others (notably not white men) who are experts in intelligence and modern autocracies have been pointing all this out about Trump and the GOP as far back as 2015. But it's good to see more finally getting it.

"And it's very much up in the air whether America as we know it will survive."

Sri Lanka Prayer 

Creator of all, we pray that you would break down our illusion of separateness from one another and all creation. Let us turn from the lies that lead us to hurt each other as a way of satisfying the needs of our false self. Out of the ashes of tragedy bring renewal and transformation. Lord have mercy.

Merton on the false and true selves 

When Jesus says “do not store up treasures on earth” but “store up treasures in heaven,” I imagine this is what he’s getting at. Our false self clings to wealth, and status, and opinions, and being right. But all of that is passing away. The only thing that is eternal is our true self, united with God and all creation.

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Merton on the false and true selves 

This is really one of the best descriptions of the false and true selves I’ve come across. I also really like the way Merton equates the false self with sin (previously in this chapter). In the end, our sin is not the evil things we do, but our failure to recognize and live in our true self, the place where we are one with God and with all of creation.

Ecclesial Existential Dread 

I’ve been testing the waters of an ELCA church which is trying to plant a “missional community” in my neighborhood. I’m excited about the possibility, but completely filled with dread as well. What if my theology is too weird even for the ELCA? What if everyone really just wants evangelical churches and this falls flat on its face? What if in the end I’m meant to walk this road alone?

crass thoughts while contemplating flowers 

I was just practicing looking lovingly on some daffodils in my yard and I had a thought pop into my head. “I bet a bee would want to suck the shit out of that flower.” 😂 But it’s true. I saw Christ looking back at me through the flowers, and any bee would be lucky to have them.

US Politics - asylum seekers 

With Trump “threatening” to send asylum seekers to sanctuary cities, my hope is those cities get in front of it. Put ads in newspapers welcoming the newcomers. Hold parades for them. Put banners up telling them they are safe and welcome here. Tell Trump that having these folks come is a blessing, not a curse. And my prayer is that mainline and progressive churches take a leading role in this.

Rewriting the story - a tribute to Richard Rohr's Universal Christ 

Also, I would love to hear what other people think about this. This is just where I'm currently at, but I love hearing how other people hear the gospel (or don't want to hear it at all).

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Rewriting the story - a tribute to Richard Rohr's Universal Christ 

I felt inspired to lay out my current understanding of the gospel story this morning in a blog post. Much of this is the product of the reconstruction I have undergone over the course of the past decade or so, but Richard Rohr's Universal Christ really helped me articulate it. The first part contains a traditional retelling of the gospel, so if that's triggering for where you are, please skip over this.

I have to admit, the church of the forest and the ocean has always been my favorite church.

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