Learn from a tree today. A tree does not have a false self which seeks to become something that it is not. It simply exists in its treeness, letting itself be swayed by the wind, basking in the sunlight. We have been given this gift of consciousness, but instead of using it to be our true selves, in unity with God, people, and all of creation, we seek to be anything other than what we were created to be. And it makes us miserable.

@slross yesssssss. I have been "communing with the trees" for the past few weeks now. I like to feel the connection with them when I walk past them. I made the mistake this past week of trying to give them names. It felt so dirty and wrong to take away the simple "being" of a tree by giving it a "false self" through a name. So i rescinded my name giving. 😂

I'm feeling you on this!

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