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Listening to the Loving This podcast and then the latest episode of the Liturgists, I love how @vishnu seems to me to be more at ease with letting the conversations be what they are - feels very on message :)

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So it's been forever since I've been on here. You're all still cool!

Anyway, I want to start dating again -- it's been a solid year and a half since my ex and I separated.
. . . does anyone have experience with online dating? Or dating at all after growing up as a homeschooled boy in I-Kissed-Dating-Goodbye culture and literally only going on one date ever? I feel lost. And very gay. I'm rambling.

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Why's it 'Good Friday'?

"Let's see, we've got betrayal based in greed, an unfair trial, physical and psychological abuse and torture, divine abandonment, and death. What should we call it?"

*BURP* "How 'bout 'Good Friday?'"

"Todd, you absolute madman! You see? You see, folks? That's why Todd is going to be Vice Manager for Biblical Marketing soon. Let's do it."

"And why don't we rebrand the crucifix as our symbol instead of something about the resurrection?"

"This is gold, Todd, solid gold"

This toot is for everyone out there who has never even had the opportunity to toot. To those for whom the dream of tooting was kept under lock and key, jealously hidden away by the spiteful and selfish. I see you. I hear you. May this toot bear fruit.

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