Hey Litergists. I havenโ€™t been here in a while. Anyone still use it?

โ€œI donโ€™t know if being good is anything other than being.โ€ โ€“ Hillary McBride

@mike Have you ever considered or looked into the notion that you might be an Empath?

The information may seem โ€œwooโ€ or at least highly non-logical but learning about this part of myself has given me legitimate strategies to heal myself and form healthier patterns with others. I realized for me it is such a core component of who I am, no wonder I struggled so much.

Just an observation, or perhaps at least you may be a highly sensitive person. Elaine Aaron has done research on that subject. <3

After Tootdon died (was murdered?) I switched to Tootle, but am looking for another iOS client because itโ€™s hard to manage other features like profile editing and search. I liked Tootdon. Any other good suggestions?

Man, I used to post a lot on here. RIP Tootdon. Hello Discourse.

Harrumph...the narcissistic conceit of Apple removing the audio jack from iPhones...still smh years on in the fumbling and finding fussy adapters.

A good update on the conversation a while ago about โ€œWhat is a cult?โ€


Hey @mike @vishnu - I have an acquaintance you may want to consider having on your podcast, she is a Doctoral student at Duke university and has done serious scholarly work on how scribes intentionally altered bible texts to lesson the role of Mary Magdalain. The coolest part? I know her from professional music- she wrote an entire album about a spiritual experience she had that caused her to do this work. She is most recently on ep 46 of the Faith & Feminism Podcast.

Hi friends (please delete if this isn't allowed)

I just finished a new instrumental EP with the title track name inspired by THIS. I would love to share it with all of you! Feel free to listen to it on your platform of choice here: levelmusic.lnk.to/lpG1AL

@mike I noticed that official episode discussion are not getting posted in Patreon or Discourse. Is this a feature or a bug?

How was LA Tabs and Waffles everybody? I couldnโ€™t go, even though it was close.

Hey, I noticed that there still is no Patreon thread for the Prayer episode so I wanted to share my feeling @vishnu @mike that you nailed it with the new format you guys have been discussing!

Really had what I liked most about the earlier episodes, fantastic treatment of the topic AND we get to hear from all four hosts!

Felt amazing. Very moving.

This feels like more of a post for Mastadon than Discourse. Not sure if anyone still sees this.

Last night I had the โ€œIโ€™ve deconstructed talkโ€ with my father-in-law of 11 years who is also a pastor. It went surprisingly well, I guess because Iโ€™ve had time to process what I believe now, and he is a good person.

Still, Iโ€™m left reeling. Itโ€™s clear by his emphatic emphasis on importance of the proper christology that my current beliefs are going to take extreme grace to navigate with the family.

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