Since many of y'all aren't on Twitter.... look up Green Shirt Guy for your daily laugh.

josh Harris 

@danielmrose @joeld For me, I guess it is that all seems to have happened so quickly... not so much "deconstruction" as destruction. A wider perspective may change that but it just seems he went from inclusiveness to "not Christian" very fast... probably the result of a tightly woven theology that cannot hold once some fundmental "truths" are challenged. What I'm really curious about are who his companions on this journey have been.

PSA: It is the time of year for the Perseids meteor shower. We aren't quite to peak yet but I saw 4 on Friday night... which was considerably better than the movie at the drive-in theater I was at.

@Cmcmahon418 hey, you should check out Land Of Sky UCC... it's where my wife and I is more liturgical than Blue Ocean mvmt but not staid

josh Harris 

@joeld I'm still figuring out my thoughts about it... beyond just "wow!" and wondering if he's just setting fire to one platform to build another for $$$

TFW a computer whose hard drive was thought to be toast...actually boots

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