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Corporate social media has catalyzed divisiveness by filling our timelines with two things:

1. Content they know we agree with 100%. This produces an illusion of a cohesive "side" in our minds. Its the "us" in "us vs. them"

2. Content they know we disagree with 100%. "them" in "us vs. them"

Monetizing the system is the priority. Nuanced ideas don't drive clicks, tribalism does. Outrage and certainty are the de facto standards of the social media age.

Been enjoying the music from grandson. I hear elements of metal, hip hop and electronic combined with generally progressive/leftist lyrics.

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Chronic Illness 

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I think the reason the concept of "embracing the moment" as learned through meditation is so powerful to me is because I've always tried to escape the moment that I'm in.

A lifetime of poor self image & social anxiety has conditioned me to flee from what is unfolding around me, regardless if those experiences are good or bad.

Retreating from all those moments has been detrimental to my health. Learning to accept them has been freeing as I've been more able to be engaged in the present moment.

About a week ago I started meditating once a day. For me, the idea of "being present in the moment" has been helpful. Know of any good resources on meditation?

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