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I grew up Canadian Evangelical, studied numerous "ologies" and am currently in transition from a period of major spiritual & emotional trauma. These, coinciding with a midlife deconstruction journey, has led to a season of radical worldview adjustment. Lately, I'm finding lots of resonance within the Christian Contemplative tradition, but with a healthy dose of Taoism, skepticism and good 'ol fashioned science. Things are looking up.

Yesterday I had a major realization in church. I wrote it about in my journal reflection this morning. I welcome feedback.

A Sunday morning insight as I drink indigineous tea:

That most of Western Christianity is so anthropocentric that it nearly entirely excludes the notion of participation. By not embracing evolution and cosmological discovery and, having lost our connection with the Earth, we seat ourselves atop creation and fail to be a part of it. I'm talking about more than just "Creation Care" - but an intimate worldview where the ape is my brother, a puppy is my sister, the snake my friend and you are me.

This morning I read Brian Greene's *Fabric Of The Cosmos* and had my vision of reality expanded. This slowed me down and put me into an almost meditative space driving to work this morning. It was peaceful - joyful even.

But now I'm sitting at my desk and will resume my work on a project that will change the experience for over 10K students and 600 instructors at my college. It's a massive project, but today it just feels tiny and easy.

It's like, why was I ever stressed about anything? Ever?

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Y'know... Once you become aware of all the ways in which your own ego has hurt and been hurt, it takes a while to start appreciating others' egos. Right now, I'm killing some time in the mall after running an errand and while I'm tempted to dismiss all the consumerism as veiled egoism, there's a part of me that recognizes how necessary it all is. I'm awake today because my ego had the freedom to develop and die organically. I can't deny others this journey no matter how distasteful I find it.

I don't know how, but studying physics and theories of unification usher me into unitive consciousness like nothing else. Today, in particular, I can feel it - to the point where writing the word "I" feels weird.

Just listened to "What I'm Learning".

@mike, when you and @hillarymcbride hold each other, the ways in which we identify with both of you means that you hold the rest of us as well.

Thank you.

Hey @vishnu. You know those Zen koans that end with "so-and-so became enlightened?" This is for you...

@vishnu Just listened to "Social Justice". I had a thought as you concluded...

That being present to, aware of, and loving THIS, is itself a radical act of change because THIS, when loved, transforms into a greater unfolding of ALL THIS into THIS.

Right now, just outside my office door, my boss is having a conversation with a coworker. The conversation itself is inconsequential, but what I suddenly see is how he fully owns and embodies his full self. Somehow, he lives with no "shoulds."

Sometimes, I really hate what Evangelicalism did to me. This is one of those moments.

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I love that old show, Frasier.

"Don't you see? It's not the same as you being wrong, or dad being wrong. I have a degree from Harvard! Whenever I'm wrong, the world makes a little less sense!"
- Frasier Crane


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Just listened to "Sunlight" Show more

Just listened to "Hot Tub" (1/2)

RE: Multipart Episodes
I like the idea of an episode on the main Lit feed and then a deeper dive on patreon. As a "core" audience member, I'm definitely interested in depth.

RE: How much of "Vishnu" to have on the main feed...
As a fellow Buddhist-Christian and listener of THIS, I've followed the progression of your dilemma. I'm serious when I say that I 100% get it.


Listened to "Hot Tub" (2/2)

@vishnu - I think that outgrowing conventional religious narratives leaves us open to deeper spiritual exploration. I relish this on THIS, but also I believe there's a way for you to be genuine in a growth-level-appropriate way for the main Liturgist audience. I also resonate with Mike's comments and think that equal parts learning-about-your-audience and more-strategic-planning can allow more space for "Vish".

Your work is genuinely appreciated.

Something I still haven't figured out: how to stop trying to "do better" than my humanity, and to simply, fully live in it.

Honestly, it really is hard to let go of the subconscious narratives evangelicalism gave me.

My humanity is NOT my great weakness.
It is precisely my greatest virtue.


I just finished listening to the latest This episode.



Moments ago, I was going through some old files on my server when I found a document labeled "Confusing Flirts.txt". 😂 Thank Creator she puts up with my weirdness! Here are a few highlights...

"Oh, I just can't get enough of you and your wonderful 'new-girlfriend' smell!"

"You're way nicer than my Nigerian scammer girlfriend."

"Your love is like a tax audit - passionate and exciting!"

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