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@liz @vishnu @mike If you don't mind me asking, what was it like in that 10-year interim? Feel free to dm me or not answer if that's too personal. I'm just curious, because after I admitted to myself and my then wife that I was trans, I freaked out and took a couple more years to accept that I needed to transition, and my mental health took a nosedive during that period that resulted in me hurting us both a lot. Our friendship managed to survive, but I still have a lot to process from it...

I know a lot of people here have probably been hurt by the Bible, but for anyone looking to reengage with those stories in a less threatening way, I highly recommend jointhebibleproject.com. They have short videos on each book and on some major themes. They are all about exploring the big picture story of love and redemption and it helped me to redeem the stories that shaped me as a kid.

So I don’t really get social media. I’ve had a Facebook for over a decade, but I never post and only really use it to get in contact with people when I don’t have their phone number or email address. I have a hard time understanding how people could create meaningful community when it is just so large? I’ve had some fun connecting with strangers on here, but I can hardly imagine that any of these interactions could lead to real relationships. Am I missing something? Also, I’m 27.

Anyone have any positive experiences with trying to redeem the traditional sunday morning church formula? I love the people at my church when I can sit down with them one on one, but corporate gatherings are just so weirdly polished and scripted. Anyone have stories of people being able to break down cultural scripts and encourage vulnerability on a church wide scale?

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