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I’m Taylor (she/her) from . I’m an 8th grade English teacher in the public school system and have a passion for teaching by the Socratic Method to create safe and braves spaces for 13-14 year olds. I was raised , but since then have kept the label loosely. I’m in the middle of deconstruction, headed towards reconstruction as I try to piece a spiritual legacy to model for my two little boys. 25, married for 5. , but thought I was a 1 for the longest time.

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Question of the Day: What are some of your favorite things about your body?

“In Repair” by John Mayer might just be everything I feel lately.

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Okay, hearing the discussion of the pre-lapsarian theology of the body and it's filling me with rage. By extension it clearly articulates that *I* am broken in my core nature. That's the message of eugenics, not anything that instills hope or which demonstrates love. It's an evil theology.

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really relaxed/napping bun (also called "dead bunny flop" or DBF for short)

My student went back to Mexico over break and brought me this scapular of St. Jude and the Lady is Guadalupe. St. Jude was my patron confirmation saint, and I took his name when I was 16. The green scapular is known for spiritual conversion, specifically for those who have left the faith. I know because I gave my aunt one when I was 10. My heart is touched and I am still so attracted to the beauty of the faith, but...but. I’m holding this today, not wearing it, still with reverence.

Safe place for the anime nerds - we’re watching Charlotte and I want to cry every time the opener pops up.

affirmation for today - You are seen for who you are.

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Hi all-- I feel silly posting this on here, because I haven't gotten to know you all very well yet. But I started a GoFundMe for a new therapy we are hoping to provide for our son, Solomon. Here is the link if you feel like learning more or giving anything. You all are the best. ❤️ @calebl

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So I'm graduating this semester and my capstone thesis is looking at mental health (specifically anxiety) of those who disaffiliate from religion and how it correlates (or doesn't) with aspects of religious background such as exclusivity, etc. I'm wondering if any other Liturgists would be willing to help my research by completing a survey if I posted it, and if doing so is okay or considered self promotion. Also, anyone who just wants to talk about the topic I'm studying, I love conversation!

I was reminded of “Just do the next right thing.” That’s all I can do.

Thank you, everyone. I decided to listen to a favorite OST song on repeat at lunch as I did a little journaling facing a window. I then decided to write down each anxiety on a sticky note and eventually collected 28. I put them on different dates in my agenda to tackle, sorted out the ones out of my control, and one by one took care of them the best I could in the moment.

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Reminder: Your body is good, it knows what's good. You can trust it

How do you lift yourself out of self pity and anxiety? I just can’t break through today, or even really this week. Every whisper I hear I’m sure it about me, all the side looks on a stressful Monday are probably my fault, and I’m sure everyone is annoyed/angry at me. I can tell my brain that this isn’t true, but my heart just won’t let it be.

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@Travis Still a materialist. Still a mystic. Still can't resolve the two.

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I've had a terrible headache for more than 10 days--it wakes me up at night, and is there in the morning. I've tried everything: cutting caffeine, OTC meds, prescription migraine meds, and nothing had any effect.

Last night, I ate one low does cannabis edible before bed. This morning, my head is clear and pain free.


Snow day for teachers meant me and the 7 got to day drink all day and the 9 husband was so happy for us ❤️

I’m just gonna say: when you’re a type 4w5 sp, married to a 9w8 so, BFF with a 7w6 sp from work, all is right. All. Is. Right.

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Stop your scroll

Release the tension in your jaw

Take 3 deep breaths, paying attention to ever second. in and out.

Ask your body "what do you need right now?"

Give it space and silence to respond

Ask your heart "what do you need right now?"

Give it space and silence to respond

Take the answers seriously and honor them as best you can.

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Request for sysadmins on 

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