@vishnu @mike @hillarymcbride !! Listened to the liturgists pod today about the book release! I read the book already since I picked up a copy at the concert in Columbus but this pod still blew me away! Love the love you guys have through everything! Been on this journey with @vishnu since 2012, commented to my wife today the amazing part that I was first exposed to Gungor at a worship conference, and now things have come full circle! You all inspire me! Namaste!❤️

@mike the more I sit and contemplate our planet, the less hopeful I become. Between micro plastics, oil spills, pollution, wars etc etc etc, I just don’t see any way this ends well. I think we humans will destroy ourselves before the sun explodes. With the passion you have for the planet, how do you remain hopeful? (Aside from just living THIS)

Breathe in God/universe/oneness, breathe out love, just for now/today/THIS moment.❤️

Been a worship leader (unpaid) in my church for years, on the team for 14 years. Went to my friend the worship pastor and revealed all my doubts and heart, decided on an exit plan end of April. Senior pastor wanted to meet with me, I was honest and open, and at the end of the meeting was asked if I would resign effective now (after Thursday rehearsal, before Sunday). This was part of my life for a long time. No freedom to doubt, at least not from the stage :(

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