@mike the more I sit and contemplate our planet, the less hopeful I become. Between micro plastics, oil spills, pollution, wars etc etc etc, I just don’t see any way this ends well. I think we humans will destroy ourselves before the sun explodes. With the passion you have for the planet, how do you remain hopeful? (Aside from just living THIS)

@thebamman @mike I understand how you feel! I've been concerned about such things since the 1970s and have spent my life and career practicing, educating, and advocating for more sustainable lifestyles, building healthy cities, eating local, etc., etc. My little piece of advice to remain hopeful: DO something in your corner of the world --little or big, whatever you can contribute, and LOVE all those around you as fellow humans on the journey of life.

@jamesvanhemert @mike Great feedback… I’m working on this when I feel like such a hypocrite when I walk to the store just to buy deodorant or something. That’s just one example but I’m sure you know what I mean. I feel trapped in the rat race and everything else and want to downsize and minimize but at the same time love living and vacationing and etc. And trying to figure out how to guide my family into more responsible choices

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