@JosiahRA Thank you I just realized in my comment that I said death and not “this” I am still in the midst of wrestling with this decision. I am wondering if my true calling is to try to help reform this community

@vishnu I will of course have some more valuable comment after I listen to the whole thing

@vishnu Quote of the year… “Capitalism does not have nipples”

@JosiahRA I am on the verge of death also and it is disconcerting

@ValR this is awesome. I always dreamed of a career in the Air Force when I was young and due to a lot of circumstances which I won’t go into that dream never happened. I find myself on one hand extremely patriotic and appreciative of military service. Hearing the sound of an F-16 gets me choked up every time. In fact I’m choked up as I say this to my phone. That being said I struggle with the “might makes right” that is United States leadership. Everything has grey area.. welcome here!

@vishnu was the whole walking the dog in the rain story metaphor for masturbation? It sure felt like it, but maybe my mind was thinking of 🤔 that and not THIS! But THIS is really a legitimate question. And yes I’m being totally serious!

@vishnu @mike @hillarymcbride !! Listened to the liturgists pod today about the book release! I read the book already since I picked up a copy at the concert in Columbus but this pod still blew me away! Love the love you guys have through everything! Been on this journey with @vishnu since 2012, commented to my wife today the amazing part that I was first exposed to Gungor at a worship conference, and now things have come full circle! You all inspire me! Namaste!❤️

@jamesvanhemert @mike Great feedback… I’m working on this when I feel like such a hypocrite when I walk to the store just to buy deodorant or something. That’s just one example but I’m sure you know what I mean. I feel trapped in the rat race and everything else and want to downsize and minimize but at the same time love living and vacationing and etc. And trying to figure out how to guide my family into more responsible choices

@mike the more I sit and contemplate our planet, the less hopeful I become. Between micro plastics, oil spills, pollution, wars etc etc etc, I just don’t see any way this ends well. I think we humans will destroy ourselves before the sun explodes. With the passion you have for the planet, how do you remain hopeful? (Aside from just living THIS)

Breathe in God/universe/oneness, breathe out love, just for now/today/THIS moment.❤️

@vishnu it is tempting to see all the negative that religion has cause for centuries. Then I listen and read to Richard Rohr talking about the first and second half of life and how we have to build a box with a framework and structure and how it actually helps us become better humans as adults. The issue is when we don’t move into that second half of life. I wrestle with this constantly with my kids

@joedavis4 thank you! We are pretty engrained after this long, but I think this will reveal some things about our church community in how this narrative comes out in the congregational setting.

@SapphiraOlson exactly, in all fairness this guys is pretty new, and I don’t blame him, I blame the system, and I get it. The whole church capital C has been built around protecting the flock, when Jesus talks about leaving the flock to rescue the one! I am hoping my decision to “come out” will open dialogue and move some people forward, we shall see.

Been a worship leader (unpaid) in my church for years, on the team for 14 years. Went to my friend the worship pastor and revealed all my doubts and heart, decided on an exit plan end of April. Senior pastor wanted to meet with me, I was honest and open, and at the end of the meeting was asked if I would resign effective now (after Thursday rehearsal, before Sunday). This was part of my life for a long time. No freedom to doubt, at least not from the stage :(

@mike loved it! A friend of mine recently shared this article, can you take a look? How do we balance this good science with some of the things that are progressive on the gender front, and honor both?


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