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does anybody else type, delete, and then forget about most of their toots? anxiety is real but then also there are times where i start to ask a question and realize the answer just in typing it out.

From “Great Knowledge”, Thomas Merton’s “The Way of Chuang Tzu”

Grumpy grumbles and a lot of f words 

The fucking leaches that own the land I leave my car on while I toil to make Californians rich have decided to increase the amount of currency I must give them per month to leave my car. Fuck these rich fucking fuckers right in their god damn fucking capitalist fuck holes. I mean, what the fuck?

prediction: in a hundred years, people will look at the lack of emotional and psychological support in healthcare and the dominance of profit-seeking insurance companies, and it will look as weird to them as the use of bloodletting, pediatric heroin, and tobacco smoke enemas look to us

Prison reform, self serving republicans 

The military is not a separate and higher class than the average american.

never been ______ enough to feel like i was really part of ________.

^^ trying to rewrite brain code to remove this statement from the logic is hard, y’all. it’s happened everywhere i go for my entire life, so i feel it is a problem with me, but i’m trying not to characterize it like i always have. too christian, too unchristian, too intense, too serious, too concerned, too big, too smart, too stupid, too ugly. i have always been these things. i have never been these things. what is i, anyway?

Coworker: hey look at this article about exercise and mortality

Me: 1. Who wrote this shit...

@Melissa @emkem “not everything is for me” That’s some real wisdom right there. Thank you for sharing your insight!!

dreams, magick, angry charismatics 

on the subject of interpretation, i see several possible directions, both sympathetic and asympathetic. i am curious if anybody else has insights or impressions they would like to share?

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dreams, magick, angry charismatics 

I called out after him and tried to explain that these forces were not inherently bad, at which point the christian immediately flew into a rage of rebuke and trying to "save" the young man. I jolted awake as they turned their rebuke to me for leading the young man astray.

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dreams, magick, angry charismatics 

I immediately felt this wave of sadness and I knew I should not answer this question. I told him I was so, so sorry but that I could not speak to this for him and I could not explain why. He immediately looked dejected and turned to walk out of the room with shoulders slumped.

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dreams, magick, angry charismatics 

I had a dream last night where I was teaching a group of people and answering their questions. I noticed that in the group was a person who I knew to be a charismatic christian who believed in miracles and all that. The person became increasingly conflicted as the night wore on. Eventually, a young native american man asked me "Can I trust the words of my Holy Guardian Angel or the visions from my Chiefs?"

@madisonlmc what did you like about it? I enjoyed hearing more about where this mystery man came from 😂 His story felt remarkably similar to mine with a few exceptions, it totally changed my outlook on him.

@maryg987 finished with part 3 yet? Curious of your takeaways or opinions, I just wrapped it up myself.

I’m enjoying part 3 tho there’s a large pit in my stomach thinking of how many people are gonna fucking hate this lol...

So glad this week is almost over. So tired, ready to hibernate for 48 hours so I can go back and do it all over again...

“Lead us and we will feed you,” they yelled at the blind man. He took a moment and, deciding he was more hungry than blind, walked them all directly into a ditch.

It’s very hard to write an angry message and have to hit that Toot button.

@teeny oh yeah at least she didn't go all Pulp Fiction on her :P

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