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Started out rationalist. Christianity fundamentally changed the way I saw the world for the better. As a teenager, I would sneak out of the house to go to church behind my parents' backs. Years later, I started interning at a church. I was excited. I pushed the boundaries by taking ideas, like 'God is love', to their logical conclusions and that got me in trouble. Deconstruction was inevitable. I'm indebted to the liturgists podcast for giving me language for my experiences.

I'll go first. My life is unusual: I work from home and I'm in a long distance relationship with my wife (I'm in the process of emigrating). I'm six hours ahead of her.

Mornings are me time, I go for a walk, get some work done, eat lunch and then call my wife as she's waking up. Afterwards, I'll do another stint of work, eat dinner with my family and then call my wife again before I go to sleep.

Thought of the day: Online communities are like icebergs - a small proportion of the people are responsible for a large proportion of the content. There are always many 'lurkers' who don't post or like, but do read.

This means, when you post things online, your are likely to have a far bigger impact than you are aware of.


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A mentor once told me:

We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions. Try to judge yourself by your actions and others by their intentions.

Enneagram thoughts 

Enneagram thoughts 

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So I was watching the Netflix doc on flat earthers (great doc btw). And it occurred to me that I used to think that the fact that the Christian religion started so fast was evidence of the resurrection. Like as if thousands of people wouldn’t have bought in at that time if it wasn’t real. But that’s not proof of shit. By that logic any religious supernatural claim has merit. Why not Islam? Why not Mormonism? Why not Scientology? Why not flat earth theory?

Why did I never see that before?

If you think that the offering baskets are only there to collect offerings, the question is ridiculous, but what other purpose do they fulfil?

In some future post-capitalist society that has long since abandoned money, will Christians walk into church and be given change to put into an offering basket that gets passed around?

Does anyone else experience an almost visceral reaction to the words 'right' and 'wrong'?

I think one think I dislike about it is that people have a tendency to find their own 'highest achieved' v-meme and use the model to feel superior.

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