@drew @thephilbritton even Amtrak is a better experience than plane flight. Assuming you aren't in a hurry.

@Aubrianne @thephilbritton Well, being in a hurry vs. expecting things to run on time are different things in my mind. I used to be a frequent Amtraker, and I think out of a dozen trips, only one wasn't extremely delayed.

But I will admit, seeing the country at ground level is nice. Air travel is only exciting (and terrifying) during take off and landing.

@drew @thephilbritton I just hate flying. Not the actual "being off the ground" part, the "being processed and packed in a tin can like sardines, breathing recirculated air, and holding squirming toddlers on my lap for hours" part

@Aubrianne @drew the only thing flying has going for it is getting you somewhere quick. I haven't had a lot of train experience, so haven't experienced the frustration of them running behind. But it was nice to actually have legroom, be able to work, and not have to hunch over to look out the window. Plus it's way cheaper 👍🏻

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