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Following the lead from @danielmrose and @mike for !

Hey all! My name is Chris, but my really close friends call me Kai, for reasons that I'll get into eventually, I hope. I live in Hawaii and am a grad student of communications looking into how we humans communicate faith, fixation, and passion!

Started my deconstruction about a year ago and it has been a crazy roller coaster. If anybody wants to talk about the doubt and faith process on God, I'm down for a good chat anytime!

Vague posting... 

I'm tired of hurting people because I'm not clear on what I'm trying to say...

The worst part of a Disneyland vacation? The fact that you have to go home eventually...

While I get that I shouldn't let this phase me, and I should give him some space to really consider things, it really hurts because I've been through A LOT with this friend. I've got a few issues when it comes to abandonment, so not being able to work it out with someone who means so much to me really hurts...

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to sleep well tonight and I'm feeling pretty depressed right now... Thought I'd put out feelers since you guys always have some good insight.


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How do you guys navigate adult friendships? My best friend and I are having a bit of a spat because we can't agree over an academic analysis of things, and even though I've told him multiple times that I'm not trying to shut down his view, he's accusing me of being stubborn and self-assured (despite the fact that he often comes across that way to a lot of people).

It all feels so juvenile but I think he may have even blocked my texts for the time being.


Has anybody here ever dreamt in a genre? Like... I get that some nightmares could definitely fall under the "horror" category, but I just woke up from a musical dream in which my best friend and I sang a song to her ex about why the, "we can still be friends," thing never actually works out.

It was amazing and beautiful and I loved every second of it.

I want to learn to master this art of the dream musical.

Hearing "You and Me" by William Matthews was a turning point in my deconstruction. It was how I started to pull myself out of depression, embraced uncertainty, and began to learn the true meaning of faith.

For anybody who has similar attachment to this song, his Kosmos album, or his music in general, check out his new music video for "You and Me," premiering on Monday July, 8.

Found this new song from William today. I already adored his work on Kosmos, but this song just tore my heart apart in all the right ways.

Anybody every heard of Ecosia? It's a search engine that plants trees when you search for things! It's even in the App Store as a web browser. It works just as well for me as Chrome ever did, and I get to support the environment with my web surfing! I figured you guys might be interested in it =)

Death and the possibility of an afterlife 

Hey Liturgists. I wanted to start a little chat about the idea of death and what (if anything) comes after.

I know that as Liturgists, a lot of us probably are more likely to answer with, "Well I'm not sure," so I was wondering more what you're general inclination would be.

Primarily just wondering if you think there is some sort of eternal existence, and if so, what it would be like.

Co-workers and casual homophobia 

It wasn't directed at me, but one of my co-workers just used the word "gays." Sigh...

Addiction, sex, porn (no graphic discussion) 

While my wife has long since abandoned any idea that porn itself is objectively wrong, she is still uncomfortable with the idea of me consuming it because it's led to some dangerous places in the past.

We had a sort of accountability thing going where I would tell her about it whenever I ended up indulging, but it started leading to shame spirals as well.

Anybody with similar experience and advice? Or even just discussion and thoughts.


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Addiction, sex, porn (no graphic discussion) 

So I don't want it to turn into a purity culture thing, but I wanted to talk about something important to me. As sad a stereotype as it is for bisexual people, I'm a recovering sex and porn addict. It has led to shame spirals because of my previous Evangelical culture, and some issues in my marriage previously. While the sex addiction is now in check (happily monogamous), I still struggle deeply with porn.


Question on adult/18+ posts (non graphic) 

So I wanted to ask/share something on here about life that happens to be about sex, but I realized we don't tend to talk about that sort of thing much here in instance.

So as a community, what is our policy on this? Obviously CWs, but otherwise any general should/should nots that we all want?

Joking about religion, nerd culture, mention of sex in video 

As both a nerd supreme, and person of faith, I agree absolutely with everything in this video:

Ex-vangelical but still Christian habits 

Gah!!! I feel a ridiculous amount of shame for even admitting this! It's just that I'm the type who still sees faith as something worth holding on to if done correctly and I can't help but feel like there's a throwing the baby out with the bathwater thing happening sometimes.

But I'm also not so naive as to think faith functions the same way for everyone, so who am I to be concerned when someone's journey is leading them where they need to go?

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Ex-vangelical but still Christian habits 

So while I'm definitely in a space that's way more inclusive of a variety of the religious beliefs (or lack thereof) of others my former Evangelical tendencies still skew my knee jerk reactions some times.

Like, particularly if someone I know who was part of my faith journey in the past does something that suggests they might not believe in God anymore, I subconsciously scrutinize it.

I hate that I can't shake that habit! Anyone else find that happening?

Hey there friends. I haven't been on quite as much these days, but I want to make sure to be intentional about this community, because I love you all so much. How's everybody doing? Anything anybody got on their minds?

Just listened to the 100th episode and am currently wiping my eyes from the tears it caused. @mike @vishnu @hillarymcbride @WilliamMatt22 WE LOVE YOU TOO!

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