Thinking tonight about how vitally important religion is for so many people in this world. All of the great traditions have sheltered so many hurting and afraid people for thousands of years. This is worth remembering when we feel the (rightful) need to tear it down or take it apart in pursuit of truth, beauty, and love.

In that, I think I’m wondering if and how religion can be seen as a bed of flowers to be weeded as opposed to a few flowers to be picked out of a bed of weeds. Thoughts?

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@vishnu Not to sound Bible preachy or anything, but for some reason, I'm immediately reminded of the parable in which you just have to let the good plants and weeds grow together. I'm not sure that parable perfectly fits what you're getting at, since there's no particular day of harvesting in regards necessarily (especially since we don't really harvest flowers), but I suppose we do pick them. I digress. I'll come back to this once the thought is more firmed up, haha.

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