@silas I spy a d20! Whatever is it for?

Also, which book is the one with thorns on it, because I have a guess, but don't want to assume (but also really love the cover).

(And is the "Classified" one your journal? Okay questions done)

@thewestislandsystem Good guesses on all accounts! I'm playing DnD with a few friends tonight, so the d20 cameo was a happy accident.

The book with thorns is correctly assumed to be a bible; I'm trying to read it alongside other spiritual texts to aid in my faith's deconstruction.

Andddd Classified is definitely my journal! I have two others that say "Censored" and "Restricted" which bring my materialist heart endless joy.


@silas So much joy in this. I hope your spiritual and DnD sessions were both amazing =)

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